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How overseas removal affects teenagers?

Moving abroad

Removal has a major impact on adults but it affects children as well, especially teenagers. Parents are usually concerned how their kids will cope with leaving their friends, school, family and everything they know. Moving overseas is perhaps even more difficult. They will not have an opportunity to see their friends, they will move to … Read more

Moving houses – get your grandma or hire a pro?

We are all familiar with the question: “If you were stranded on a deserted island, name 3 things you would bring?”. Imagine being asked this question at school during a mock conference Q&A session. You will never guess what was the most surprising, the most unexpected and yet the cleverest answer of all. “My grandmother!” … Read more

Housing while in college

Liverpool University

Having a place to live is perhaps one of the top three most important thing after which people are after in their life. Education is also somewhere in this category. But when the two combine you really need to make the right choice depending on who you are and what you want. When it is … Read more

Types of books


While we have plenty of contemporary entertainment it is never too bad to go back to books. Yes, people nowadays prefer sticking their noses in the display of their smart phone or playing games on PCs and consoles. Other go outside and practice sports while all of us need to go to work for the … Read more

Liverpool City centre – some facts and figures

Liverpool City Centre

The historical heart of Liverpool, its cultural, economic and commercial centre is of course the area that is defined as the Liverpool City Centre. It is a very interesting place indeed, one that is soaked in the spirit of the past centuries while the modern developments and attitudes are not overlooked even one bit. In … Read more

Parks and recreations in Liverpool

Sefton Park

Summer is officially here and the time for rest and vacation has come. If you are one of those people that cannot put time aside to go away, or your vacation time in still far in the future, you still have the chance to catch a break without leaving the boundaries of Liverpool. There are … Read more

Five great American sitcoms to relax with


There might be many ways to de-stress after a major home removal once the man and van people unload your boxes, but the truth is that you will just need to power-off and stop thinking about all the stress and hassle that you have been through in the past weeks. Naturally, you can go to … Read more

Britain spends 7.5 billion pounds on moving house


British people have spent seven and a half billion pounds in moving house in the period 2014 -2015. This however doesn’t mean that man and van removal companies have pocketed much of the profit, as actual relocation costs are much less than what people pay for things like stamp duty, surveyors and other applicable fees. … Read more

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