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Moving to a new home or office is never easy rarely easy. Each of us has been in that situation – standing surrounded by a pile of chairs, semi dismantled wardrobes and a variety of other pieces of furniture thinking to yourself: “Why can’t this be easier?”. Well it depends on your definition of easy. The process of removal is complicated by nature and there isn’t much you can do about it. However you can make things easy for yourself. How? Simple – hire a professional man and van in St Helens.


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Hiring a removal company is not only a convenience but in most cases a necessity. The logistics that are involved in a typical house or office removal are just beyond the powers of an average human being. So it’s better to take the easier route and hire somebody who offers removal services professionally. It’s a safer and much quicker option that saves you time and effort. Instead of spending probably days in planing and doing the actual moving why not give is a call and have us send you a man with van in St Helens.

We have been offering moving service in St Helens for a couple of years. The movers we employ are experienced professionals who know their trade. Our services are the best in the entire Merseyside area with unparalleled quality. All items and belonging of our customers are handled in a safe and secure manner and we take full responsibility for them.

StHelens01Having offered removals in St Helens for some time now we understand that our customers are looking for a complex service that offers quality, speed and affordable prices. Thus our rates are among the cheapest in the region yet we never had to sacrifice the quality of our service. We have assembled a top notch team of operators and movers. To our customers we offer fair and flexible pricing and terms for booking a man with van in St Helens.

Call today and book a van – hire St Helens‘ best. You’ll determine the date, the time and how many vans you need. If midway you decide that one won’t do just call us and we’ll send another man and van in St Helen even after the first one has arrived. Contact us via phone or email and get your free quote or any additional information about our services.

Man with Van St Helens are the professional choice for homes and offices requiring reliable and efficient removal and delivery services. We are qualified and licensed to perform a wide range of relocation and delivery services, ranging from removal of single items to establishment relocation and fixed schedule pickup and delivery for commercial customers.

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When you are in need of some man and van assistance just pick up the phone and hire the best company in the area. Man and Van St Helens is happy to transport whatever type of furniture or machinery you might have. We will give you special prices and you also get our full insurance. Safety is always first with us but we’ve also merged as a company that values customer satisfaction equally.

Qualified manpower, service expertise, technical capacity

All services are carried out by experienced, professional removal technicians and drivers. This ensures safe handling and quick delivery on all orders. We operate a fleet of transport vehicles of various sizes and load capacity.

St Helens is Metropolitan Borough, part of the Marseyside county, located in North West England. St Helen’s population is about 180 thousand people and covers about 30 square miles. The Borough takes it’s name after it’a largest town.

St Helen’s contains a number of landmarks that would present interest to tourists, including the celebrated North West Museum of Road Transport. Located here are many fine open green spaces – public parks and gardens – such as the 1893 listed Grade II Historic Park and Garden of Taylor Park  and Sherdley Park, which also contains a petting zoo.

StHelens02More than half of the entire population of the borough lives in the town of St Henels – more than a 100 thousand. It didn’t emerge as a town until the tale 19th century. What was initially just a number of houses it grew to a village during the Industrial Revolution and later a- a town.

Notable historical landmarks in St Helens include the modern Town Hall. It was built in 1876.  Adjacent to it is the Gamble Institute – named after Sir David Gamble. He was the first mayor of the town of St Helens .

St Helens’ original motto was “Ex Terra Lucem”,which translates from Latins as “Light out of the earth”. It refered to abundant coal resources of the area. However in 1974 the motto of the entire borough was changed to “Prosperitas in excelsis” which translates as “Flourishing Well”.

St Helens is a metropolitan Merseyside borough, named after its principle town. St Helens occupies about thirty square kilometres of rolling hills, mainly for agricultural uses. The borough is landlocked but has a stream running through it. St Helens sits about fifty metres above sea level.

St Helens is one of the largest towns in Merseyside and the Borough shares the same name. The whole borough has a population of about 100 000 people. Similar to the other close areas St Helens marked its development during the Industrial Era. It remained a famous destination for miners until the mid-20th century when the mining industry started its decline. It came to an end during the 90s when the last Colliery finally closed its gates.

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