Storage Services

Moving your home or office is a process that always comes with numerous inconveniences. We understand that our customers might face certain difficulties when relocating so to complement our removal services, we’re offering convenient and affordable storage services. In case you have to store your furniture until you’re ready to move in your new apartment you can leave them with us for safekeeping for a few days. Or if the renovations of your new office are not yet complete but the tenancy of your old one has ended, you have to store your office inventory somewhere. For emergencies like these and for general convenience you can sue our storage facility.

We only work with fully trained Liverpool man with a van teams that are experienced with moving projects of all scale. What is more, we offer both long term and short term storage and we can offer you pricing plan dependent on both the period and the specific nature of the item or items stored. Since we offer storage for prolonged periods of time as well these services arenot entangled with our removal services. You can use either separately, in conjunction or partly. Using our business and home moving services is on way obligates you or is a prequisite to storing items in our warehouses. All services offered by our company are independent from one another.

All items entrusted to us for storage are kept in a safe and secure environment. You can rest assured your belongings are stored with utmost care and we take full responsibility for their condition. In case an item of yours needs specific conditions for storage please inform consult us beforehand and we’ll arrange for proper storage surroundings for the specific object.

We consider our pricing policy very progressive and our prices appealing to our customers and extremely competitive compared to other storage providers. Our customers can choose from an array of storage plans as well as arranging for a specialized plan for clients with specific requirements for storing their items. If you wish you can share your storage unit with a friend or colleague to reduce storage expenses. We can even offer you the option to share a storage unit with another customer and still guarantee you your items safety.

You can have access to your items at any time take back or if you prefer we can pick up the item from you and then have it delivered to a specified location after a period of time (determined by you) we kept them in a storage facility in Liverpool.



Our storage servicesare the right choice for you because:


  • We guarantee for your belongings’ excellent condition
  • We can store items for both short and long periods of time.
  • We offer affordable and flexible prices
  • You don’t have to use any of our other services to store items with us
  • You don’t have to bring us the item – we can get it from you, store it and then have it delivered back

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Our services cover the entire city of Liverpool. No matter where you are - we can transport your items between any two points in the city.

All our employees are trained professionals with years of experiencein the field of removal services. Expect nothing less but perfection from them.