Six Reasons to Choose to Move to Liverpool

London isn’t the only English city which you should consider moving to. While it may not be as glamorous as the English capital, Liverpool has also plenty to offer to its residents. Here are 6 reasons why you should choose to relocate to the city nicknamed Scouse.

The Liverpool Waterfron

The Liverpool Waterfront is considered to be one of the most beautiful not only in the United Kingdom and Europe but the world as a whole. Many people describe it as the city’s calling card and claim that once you see it, especially at night, you would never want to leave Scouse. The fact that some of the city’s most prominent landmarks and buildings are located on the waterfront only adds to its charm.


Scouse is home to a wide range of different art museums and galleries. The most noted venue in the city is beyond any doubt, Tate Liverpool. The museum was founded in 1988 and is the 26th most visited establishment of its kind in Britain, with almost 540.000 guests annually. The Bluecoat is another well-known local art gallery. It is housed in the oldest edifice (over 300 years old) in the city centre which is identified as a Grade I building and a UNESCO World Heritage Chance.  Other notable art venues in Liverpool are:

  • FACT (Foundation of Art and Creative Technology)
  • Open Eye Gallery
  • ERC (Exhibition Research Centre)
  • Lady Lever Art Gallery
  • The Royal Standard
  • Metal Culture
  • Victoria Gallery and Museum
  • Walker Gallery

Public services

Liverpool, Pier HeadAs one of the largest cities in the United Kingdom, Liverpool has a plethora of public services for which its residents can benefit. For example, you can easily move to the city by using affordable and reliable home removal services in Liverpool. Local movers can help you relocate to any neighbourhood in Scouse in a stress-free and hassle-free manner. The only thing that you have to do is to book them in advance as they can be quite busy, especially during the spring and summer.


Liverpool is one of the most lively and vibrant British cities. Local residents say that there is no such thing a calm and peaceful week in Scouse as there is always an event to be hosted. Some of the most notable festivals to be held in the city are Sound City, Homotopia, LIMF, Liverpool Beer Festival, LEAP Dance Festival, Writing on the Wall and more.


Some of England’s most beautiful building are located in Liverpool. After all it is not a coincidence that the city is home to a number of World Heritage Sites. Among the most famous edifices in Scouse are the Royal Liver Building, Albert Dock, Museum of Liverpool, St. George’s Hall, Liverpool Cathedral, Philharmonic Hall and numerous more.


Scousers are reputed to be among Britain’s most friendly and welcoming people. They are known for their immense sense of humour, passion for football and insatiable desire to talk. So, if you like having long and fun conversations on various topics and especially football, Liverpool is the ideal city for you.

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