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Useful Van Hire Guide for Home Movers

One great way to speed up your relocation is by hiring a moving van. The problem is that even if you hire the most advanced and secure truck in the world, your moving home experience may not go as planned if you:

  • Fail to choose a suitable van
  • Hire a vehicle from an unreliable company
  • Don’t know how to drive a such a van

There are a number of things you must take into consideration if you are planning to remove your furniture and possessions with a rented van.

When should you hire a van

Believe it or not, using a personal vehicle to transport moving boxes and other items is often much more expensive, risky and unpractical compared to using a specialised transit van. That is because moving vehicles are usually equipped with protection gear and their big capacity will allow you to relocat...

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Liverpool, Pier Head

Six Reasons to Choose to Move to Liverpool

London isn’t the only English city which you should consider moving to. While it may not be as glamorous as the English capital, Liverpool has also plenty to offer to its residents. Here are 6 reasons why you should choose to relocate to the city nicknamed Scouse.

The Liverpool Waterfron

The Liverpool Waterfront is considered to be one of the most beautiful not only in the United Kingdom and Europe but the world as a whole. Many people describe it as the city’s calling card and claim that once you see it, especially at night, you would never want to leave Scouse. The fact that some of the city’s most prominent landmarks and buildings are located on the waterfront only adds to its charm.


Scouse is home to a wide range of different art museums and galleries...

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Little Altcar - Thatched Cottage

The Best Places to Live in Sefton

Sefton is a metropolitan borough in Merseyside that is just to the north of Liverpool. If you are looking for a really nice place to settle down in – one that is spared from most of the hassle of the big city, while still providing you with the amenities and comforts of the urban and suburban environment. Sefton consists of many districts and neighbourhoods, and deciding which one is going to be the perfect one for you might cause you a little trouble. Let’s have a look at some of the most obvious choices.

The best parts in Sefton to live in

We will kick it off with the area of Aintree L9, L10. It is an area of rural character, though signs of suburban expansion and development are already becoming visible here too. Aintree is on the A59, just 8.9 kilometres away from the Liverpool Cit...

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Canning Street

City of Liverpool – the heart of Merseyside

Liverpool is an iconic city, and its central area – the ancient City of Liverpool, which was incorporated into a borough in the beginning of the 13th century, contains some of its most attractive and popular areas. Let’s have a look at some of them.


One of the oldest areas in the modern day city of Liverpool, Aigburth used to be part of the county of Lancashire. Its name means “hill where the oak trees grow”. Today the area is centred around the eponymous road and is predominantly residential in character. Housing here consists of detached and semi-detached buildings. Landmarks include Lark Lane, Sefton Park and Sudley House among others.


Anfield is definitely the most famous area in all Liverpool today, mainly because it is home to the stadium of Liverpool F.C...

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Pub in Knowsley Village

Several of Knowsley’s most beautiful areas

The Metropolitan Borough of Knowsley is one of the five major areas which form the Metropolitan Borough of Merseyside in the northeastern parts of England. Knowsley covers an area of 33.4 square miles and has a population of approximately 150.000 people. The borough was formed in 1974 and is known throughout Britain for being the location of Knowsley Hall and the Knowsley Safari Park.

Halewood is a town which is situated in the southern parts of the borough in close proximity to the city of Liverpool. It has a population of slightly over 20.000 people and is the location of St. Nicholas’ Church which is one of Knowsley’s most popular religious edifices. During the early 21st century, the town was the subject of a major regeneration project which enhanced the quality of life within Hale...

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Short Overview Of Wirral

There some areas of Liverpool known for their industrial past and there are some with a bad reputation but the Metropolitan borough of Wirral is a nice area in Merseyside. It takes up about 60 square miles of the northern part of the Wirral Peninsula. It is located to the south-west of the city of Liverpool as the river Mersey flows right between them. Some of the larger settlements in the Borough of Wirral are West Kirby, Bebington, Heswall and others. Being close to the Irish Sea the nature in Wirral is pretty beautiful and this is why there are some areas which are totally worth visiting just for the sake of relaxation and hiking.

Wirral has some very beautiful settlements worth mentioning

Heswall Dales is such an area which is known for being a lowland heath...

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St John’s Gardens

The best public parks in Liverpool

One of the factors that rank a city high on the list of good places to live is the presence within its territory of well developed public parks which offer good opportunities for sports and other recreational activities. Liverpool has a long standing tradition in the field of building and maintaining public parks. Here is a list of some of the best outdoor locations in this beautiful city of ours.

Sefton Park

Placed in the middle of the district of the same name, Sefton Park has a size of 235 acres. It was designated by English Heritage at Grade I in the Register of Historic Parks and Gardens. The origins of the park can be found in the Royal Deer Park of Toxteth, but it was truly developed as a public park in the middle of the 19th century...

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Liverpool Community College

Moving to college: how parents can help their kids

Moving to college is one of the most exciting times for college students. At the same time, it is also a period when they feel scared, anxious and unprepared. For parents, this is a challenging and one of the most difficult periods in their lives. They are sad to see them leave but they are also trying to support them and encourage them to pursue their goals. As you both are experiencing mixed emotions, you need to deal with those emotions and help each other to overcome this huge life change.

Here are few tips on how to deal with an empty nest syndrome for parents and embracing new opportunities for children moving to college.

Open conversation

Parent should show their children that they are proud of them so that they are confident that they are doing the right thing when moving out...

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Archaeological discoveries which changed our understanding of past events

Archaeology is undoubtedly one of the most amazing and important fields of study in the world as it allows us to learn more about the past, ancient civilisations, their cultures and the long way mankind as walked throughout the centuries. Here are some of the most fascinating discoveries which have our understanding of history.

  1. Olduvai Gorge

olduvai-gorgeOlduvai Gorge lies in the northern parts of Tanzania and is recognised by numerous institutions as one of the most significant paleoanthropological sites in the world as it proved that humans evolved out of Africa. Mary and Louis Leakey, a British-Kenyan archaeological team, excavated the site and discovered that the area was once inhabited by Homo habilis (the earliest human relatives who lived approximately two million years ago).

  1. Honduran “Lost C...
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Smart and pointless luxury in hotels

Most of dream about a high quality vacation somewhere exotic. This is usually accompanied by expectations of having a luxurious room or an apartment at a 5 star hotel complex. We need to, however, ask ourselves whether this is really a necessity in order to have a great time off. Many of the more popular resorts also have more affordable options on terms of lodging. Since everyone comes with a different social status, there are various perks that we find pointless and respectively useful. What we should always be after is value for money. We need to decide for yourself what we expect from our vacation. We also need to know in advance whether we will be staying at the hotel a lot or whether we will be out most of the time...

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