Moving to college: how parents can help their kids

Moving to college is one of the most exciting times for college students. At the same time, it is also a period when they feel scared, anxious and unprepared. For parents, this is a challenging and one of the most difficult periods in their lives. They are sad to see them leave but they are also trying to support them and encourage them to pursue their goals. As you both are experiencing mixed emotions, you need to deal with those emotions and help each other to overcome this huge life change.

Here are few tips on how to deal with an empty nest syndrome for parents and embracing new opportunities for children moving to college.

Open conversation

Parent should show their children that they are proud of them so that they are confident that they are doing the right thing when moving out. You need to show them you support them and their decision. Ask them how they feel and what you can do to help them with the move and the change in general. Some children want some space while others cannot do without the support. An open conversation is a key to any successful relationship.

Help with packing and other moving tasks

Whether your child is moving into a dorm or off-campus housing, you need to help them plan their removal. They need to pack, buy some items, hire moving company, etc. Ask them what you can do to help out. Let them be in control as this is their removal but be there to offer help when needed. You can provide packing tips. You can research and find a reputable man and van company for a safe and easy transportation of their items to new place.

Prepare a small surprise box

After you help your child to pack and after everything is ready for removal, pack a small box that contains their favourite cookies or chocolates, some family photos, and other small items that will show that you are rooting for them and that will bring a smile on their face. It will mean a lot to them.

Let them know they are welcome to come home

It is important to show your child that you will support them no matter what and that they are always welcome to come back home when they feel overwhelmed. They will find it difficult to adjust during the first couple of weeks. Explain it is normal and we all need time to adjust to changes. However, give them their space as they will have to take care of so many things there, including preparing for college activities, paperwork, adjusting to schedules etc.

Keep in touch regularly

You will both feel better if you keep in touch regularly. You can schedule phone calls and share your experiences. Additionally, you can make plans to visit each other for holidays and other important dates.

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