Smart and pointless luxury in hotels

Most of dream about a high quality vacation somewhere exotic. This is usually accompanied by expectations of having a luxurious room or an apartment at a 5 star hotel complex. We need to, however, ask ourselves whether this is really a necessity in order to have a great time off. Many of the more popular resorts also have more affordable options on terms of lodging. Since everyone comes with a different social status, there are various perks that we find pointless and respectively useful. What we should always be after is value for money. We need to decide for yourself what we expect from our vacation. We also need to know in advance whether we will be staying at the hotel a lot or whether we will be out most of the time. Why would you need a big screen TV inside of your room if you are not turning it on even once? This is important because such a perk increases the price of your stay.

HotelNow the most important thing in this blog for us is to make it clear that we are not suggesting that you go to an expensive resort and look for a hostel to stay at. No, you want to have a few conveniences so you can spend some quality and easy time with your friends and loved ones. The clutch factor is drawing the line between what is worth it and what is not. You want to get:

  • Good value for your money
  • Comfort
  • Flexibility
  • Respect

Now a swimming pool is generally a good thing to have at your hotel but it is also a thing that most places offer in general. We have come to point where a pool is no longer considered luxurious. Even though the beach is an attractive place, many times people just want to get away from the crowded and often polluted sandy area. Your pool allows you to quickly run to your room if needed and to also grab a refreshing drink from the open bar. Basically it’s the circle of relaxation you’ll be looking for when on a vacation after moving with man and van in Fairfield, for example

Speaking of open bar this is what you should be really after. Drinks are an essential part of every vacation. We are not talking only about alcoholic beverages here but soft drinks as well. Your children if you bring any along, will want to drink all the juice in the world and the same can go for your wife or girlfriend also. Imagine having to pay for every glass of water or beer at your hotel. It is a well-known fact that if you start calculating the amount of money you need for every drink it will significantly decrease the level of joy you feel and might make you tense. Do not allow a few extra pounds affect you and always pay for an open bar offer. There are some things you do not want to be a stickler about. Professional services are such a thing. Don’t save money on toilet paper, removal services and open bar hotels. This is a top class life motto which you should follow religiously.

hotel-poolA private beach is another key factor. If your hotel has its own part of the strip along the sea then by all means go for it. If you run a quick review of the resort you are visiting and find out that there are mostly private beaches and very few public spots then you do not want to stay at a hotel without such a restricted area. Just imagine all the hassle trying to find a free spot somewhere. It might not be even close to your hotel and you will force your family to walk while roasting under the hot sun looking for 5 yards of public beach. Not to mention that even if public, the beach might have sunbeds and umbrellas pre-situated there only for rent. Such a public beach does not allow you to put your own towel and stick your own umbrella into the sand. You are required to rent a sunbed and an umbrella. Of you are to pay for these every single day of your vacation then paying a little extra for room at a hotel with its own beach is a great deal.

Cable TV is definitely something you can skip. Why pay more for a room with 134 TV channels when you will barely even turn the TV on for the duration of your stay. If you are hooked to a show then you should be ok with skipping an episode or two and watching it later. If you are a sports fan then simply go to a bar and watch your game. Heck, it will be even more fun there than simply lying on your bed inside of your boring room.

hotel-roomOther things which usually increase the cost of your stay are gyms and saunas. Both are great for people which are into them. If you do not go to a gym regularly during the rest of the year then it is perfectly clear you are not attending the one your hotel has. Besides, even if you do practice often, you could use some time off during your vacation. It gives your muscles and body the much needed opportunity to rest and recuperate. You are guaranteed to have more productive gym sessions when you come back home afterwards.

Don’t fall for excursions and guided tours included in your offer. You are likely to be at the resort in question for at least a week and will have the chance to explore it yourself. Why pay to forfeit your freedom? It does not make any sense. Don’t let them plan out your schedule. Also if you change your mind while already there, you can usually simply pay for these extra trips and join them eventually. Just don’t do it as you book.

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