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Air Freshner

How to make your new home good-smelling and aromatic

Your new place smells of cigarette smoke or other unpleasant smell you just need to get rid of. This is a tough problem but it can be solved in time and with proper cleaning. If you are renting a house or an apartment, you should talk to your landlord prior any cleaning. The landlord may be responsible for any bad smells and might pay for cleaning services. If on the other hand, you need to take care of this problem on your own here are few tips on how to do it.

Clean the air

The first thing you should do is to let some fresh air in. Open your windows. This will ease the smell. You can also install an air purifier to decrease the bad smell. It will take time for the air to become clean but it works...

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Moving abroad

How overseas removal affects teenagers?

Removal has a major impact on adults but it affects children as well, especially teenagers. Parents are usually concerned how their kids will cope with leaving their friends, school, family and everything they know. Moving overseas is perhaps even more difficult. They will not have an opportunity to see their friends, they will move to a place where a different language is spoken and different customs practiced. It might be hard to adjust to so many changes, find new friends, adjust to new curriculum, and so many other things. However, there are strategies and ways to prepare your teenagers for these changes so that the adjustment process of moving to another country goes as smooth as possible. Check out the following tips and help your teen feel more prepared...

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Moving houses – get your grandma or hire a pro?

We are all familiar with the question: “If you were stranded on a deserted island, name 3 things you would bring?”. Imagine being asked this question at school during a mock conference Q&A session. You will never guess what was the most surprising, the most unexpected and yet the cleverest answer of all. “My grandmother!” – said one of the students without even skipping a beat, while all the others were silent, thinking which of the numerous valuable possessions they have deserve the honour of coming with them. “She’ll take care of everything else.” – continued the boy. The teacher smiled down at him.

A grandma for everybody

Packed luggageNow whenever we start packing our staff for vacation, business trip or even relocation we look at all the numerous clothes, shoes, cosmetic bags, boo...

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5 Moving Tips to make your Move Stress – Free

Most people believe that moving is a very stressful experience. And yes, it can be pretty difficult, but there many ways to reduce the stress and give yourself an opportunity to enjoy the moment. The key is to be organized and realistic. Take it easy and focus on the idea that you are starting over and give yourself a room to look forward to that start.

  1. Use your time wisely

Normally you need around 8-10 weeks for a home move if you want everything to be done without too much stress, maybe even more if you plan to hire movers, packers, etc. However, sometimes you are forced to move and you simply have to act fast. Therefore it is recommended to get organized and not panic. Time is something you cannot always control.

  1. Get rid of the clutter

Before you start packing, it is necessary you c...

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Liverpool University

Housing while in college

Having a place to live is perhaps one of the top three most important thing after which people are after in their life. Education is also somewhere in this category. But when the two combine you really need to make the right choice depending on who you are and what you want. When it is time to finish high school and go to university you need to also decide where you will be living. You can:

  • Live at home
  • Live at campus
  • Rent a place

Your first option is to live with you family if you are lucky enough to have a decent university in your hometown. For this to happen you must also have the desire to study there because there is a good chance they might not have the specialty you wish to major in...

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Types of books

While we have plenty of contemporary entertainment it is never too bad to go back to books. Yes, people nowadays prefer sticking their noses in the display of their smart phone or playing games on PCs and consoles. Other go outside and practice sports while all of us need to go to work for the better part of the day. We keep making excuses to why we do not read books but honestly all of us have enough time to turn a page or two. Fortunately there are plenty of books for every taste and we should take advantage of this. The digital era brought us the possibility to read books on our tablets and phones. Many people make the argument that nothing can substitute the real feel of a book – its cover and its pages. We are not going to get into this discussion because it is true that books are e...

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Liverpool City Centre

Liverpool City centre – some facts and figures

The historical heart of Liverpool, its cultural, economic and commercial centre is of course the area that is defined as the Liverpool City Centre. It is a very interesting place indeed, one that is soaked in the spirit of the past centuries while the modern developments and attitudes are not overlooked even one bit. In many respects, those two otherwise opposing aspects co-exist in harmony here. The Liverpool City Centre is, in the opinion of many, the perfect example of a modern city, which is why it is worth it getting into some detail about its features and geography.

The unique parts

What makes the Liverpool City Centre different from the city centres of other big cities in Britain is the fact that there is no ring road that actually separates the heart from the rest of the metropolit...

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Sefton Park

Parks and recreations in Liverpool

Summer is officially here and the time for rest and vacation has come. If you are one of those people that cannot put time aside to go away, or your vacation time in still far in the future, you still have the chance to catch a break without leaving the boundaries of Liverpool. There are as many as ten square kilometers of open green spaces on the territory of the city, a considerable portion of which are listed by the English Heritage – actually, Liverpool is the greenest city in UK apart from London.

The parks, gardens and commons in Liverpool provide great opportunities for:

  • Sports
  • Pickings
  • Walks
  • Recreational activities of various kind

One thing is certain – you will be able to escape the heat, the hassle and the stress of the big city here easily...

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Five great American sitcoms to relax with

There might be many ways to de-stress after a major home removal once the man and van people unload your boxes, but the truth is that you will just need to power-off and stop thinking about all the stress and hassle that you have been through in the past weeks. Naturally, you can go to a restaurant with your family, or explore your new area of residence. If you do not have the energy for that, you can just order in fast food and bloat on the sofa, binge watching some quality, but not-so-mind-engaging TV shows. Thanks to online platforms like Netflix this is easier than ever. American sitcoms are perfect for that purpose, for the simple reason that they lack the black humor of their British counterparts...

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Britain spends 7.5 billion pounds on moving house

British people have spent seven and a half billion pounds in moving house in the period 2014 -2015. This however doesn’t mean that man and van removal companies have pocketed much of the profit, as actual relocation costs are much less than what people pay for things like stamp duty, surveyors and other applicable fees. In the case of London, moving to a newly purchased home will cost about twenty three thousand pounds, which is higher than the average national salary.

In twenty fourteen/twenty fifteen period, the average cost associated with moving house in UK was about eight thousand seven hundred pounds total. In comparison to twenty twelve/twenty thirteen, there is a five hundred pound increase in relocation costs. Roughly a decade ago, in two thousand four, moving house would have s...

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