Five great American sitcoms to relax with

There might be many ways to de-stress after a major home removal once the man and van people unload your boxes, but the truth is that you will just need to power-off and stop thinking about all the stress and hassle that you have been through in the past weeks. Naturally, you can go to a restaurant with your family, or explore your new area of residence. If you do not have the energy for that, you can just order in fast food and bloat on the sofa, binge watching some quality, but not-so-mind-engaging TV shows. Thanks to online platforms like Netflix this is easier than ever. American sitcoms are perfect for that purpose, for the simple reason that they lack the black humor of their British counterparts. Surely, the classic Blackladder or Fawlty Towers are great pieces of television, but when you are trying to distract yourself and feel better, there are much more light-hearted options, such as:

  • Friends – well, there is no arguing that as far as American situational comedies go, Friends is the greatest show that has ever been made. There is no need to tell you what it is about, because there is hardly a person on the planet that does not know the premise of this program. Even if you are one of those people that knows the episodes by heart, it will still be good to revisit some of your favorite moments.
  • The Big Bang Theory has the slogan “Smart is the New Sexy”. The story revolves around professional physicists Leonard and Sheldon and their interactions with their new neighbor Penny – an actress-waitress who is the exact opposite of the geeky, nerdy world in which our two heroes live in. The show is hilarious and is currently in its 9th season so you are going to have a lot of catching up to do.
  • SitcomHBO’s Entourage is going to immerse you into the glamour of Hollywood. Vincent Chase, the main character of the show, is a superstar actor who lives with his older half-brother, a B-actor in his own right, Erik – his best friend and manager and another childhood friend – Turtle, who works as Vince’s driver. Prepare for 8 seasons of navigating through the harsh world of the film business, with a lot of laughs, dramatic moments, up and downs. It is a wild ride, and one that comes greatly recommended by the public and critics alike.
  • Episodes is a British/American production and as such it takes the best from both worlds. It follows the adventures of Sean and Beverly, happily married, highly successful screen writers, who after another BAFTA award are invited to remake their current sitcom for American audience. The show stars Matt LeBlanc into a semi-autobiographical version of himself, so if you are wondering what has happened to one of the most-beloved of the Friends bunch, you should definitely give Episodes a try – it has just been renewed for its fifth season and you are definitely going to love what you are about to see.

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