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The joys of living abroad

Studies show that more and more people feel dissatisfied with the way they are living out. Fear of missing out has become a big thing in Western culture. It is a rather great problem, and the worst part is that there is no one solution to it. Moving abroad, even for a limited period of time, however, is one of the great things that the world we are living in offers to you. It will broaden your perspectives, move you out of the boring day-to-day basis of corporate life and enable you to meet new people, cultures and views on the whole great adventure that we call life. It will spin your around and make you see how great even the most ordinary things can be.

The benefits of living abroad

AbroadLiving abroad has individual benefits, but there are several things that play out greatly to anyone who m...

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2015 – The UK Man and Van Removal Industry in Figures

Man and van statsThe UK’s man and van removal industry is a highly dynamic segment of the economy and notable changes may take place in a matter of months, even weeks. In order to better understand at how the industry works and performs, it might be worth it to look at it in stats and figures. The data for 2015 is in, and industry statistics were prepared by a number of leading publications showing movement, service costs, peak periods etc. The figures listed below, in combination with the start and end point of property removals can be used to determine the net migration to and from cities in UK.

Size of man and van removal jobs in 2015

The data gathered and analysed by industry specialists shows that in 2015 most people relocating a small sized home preferred to do their own removal, while households r...

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Population Statistics UK

By the look of it, man and van removal companies have their work cut out for them – population statistics for Great Britain, and particularly England show notable surge in population in recent time, indicating that the southeast and southwest portions of UK are becoming more and more crowded with every year. In terms of population growth, the last fifteen years have turned out to be as follows:

  • PopulationThe rapid growth of population in UK is due to high migration rates;
  • Since the year 2000, net migration to UK, along with babies born to foreigner parents have formed 85% of the overall increase in population;
  • Using a ‘high-migration scenario’ model, Great Britain’s population is projected to rise by half a million people per annum, in perspective – a new city the size of Liverpool appears on the...
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Structure Relocation – How It Works

Right, so there are property removal projects where people are moving their home or office contents from one location to another, and there are property removal projects which actually relocate the entire building itself from A to B. Obviously, the latter cannot be handled by your average man and van company in Liverpool, but there are specialised engineering organisations across the world which deal effectively in the business of structure relocation. Structure relocation or removal of entire buildings is serious business and represents a very specific industrial niche, where highly qualified structural and mechanical engineers, architects etc. work side by side in order to literally lift, relocate and deliver an entire building from one place to another.

Shubert Theatre, MinneapolisThe technical side of moving an e...

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Interesting European Events

Europe is the most visited continent in the world for a myriad of reasons and one of these is the fact that it hosts a plethora of weird and yet amazing events throughout the year. Here are some of the most unorthodox and interesting European happenings.

El Concurs de Castells

This fascinating event is held every two years in Spain. It is classified as a competition and it attracts people from all over the globe. The main attraction of the event are the people who built human towers officially known as castells. The team that builds the tallest tower wins El Concurs de Castells. The event dates back to the late 1940s and is identified as one of the most important Spanish public events.

The Aberdeen Santa Run

The Aberdeen Santa RunThis unusual event takes place in the Scottish city of Aberdeen during the first ...

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Man & Van – The Vehicle From a Practical Point of View

Property removal and man and van services are usually carried out using a special type of vehicle, commonly referred to as a van. The vehicle however is different to a normal van and is specially equipped for the task at hand. The most common type of removal vehicle currently in use in Great Britain is the so called Luton van, also called a box van. The popularity of these vans can be attributed to a number of factors.

Suitable for metropolitan/built up areas

Luton vanLuton vans or box vans usually come in three chassis sizes – long, medium and short wheel base. The size of each vehicle is quite well suited for navigating tight city streets (as compared to larger removal and delivery vehicles). Most removal companies operating in metropolitan areas handle small to medium sizes property relocation...

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Life at university

Receiving your acceptance letter from the dream university is probably one of the happiest moments in someone’s life. It’s the beginning of something new, beginning of your path to future success. Every freshman has to be prepared for new atmosphere and some challenges and the first one probably will be arranging the new accommodation.

University lectureIf you are a student you may decide to apply for a dorm or to rent an apartment. Both have advantages and disadvantages, so let’s take a look at them. When you choose dorm you need to know that you will live either on your own or with a roommate, but your room most probably will be very small. You may not be very happy to share a kitchen and a bathroom with others...

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Beautiful Castles in Europe

People adore castles because they associate them with magical fairytales and because they are a reminder of the times when most countries where ruled by a monarch. Here some of the most gorgeous fortifications on the European continent.

Alcázar of Segovia

Alcázar of SegoviaLocated in the old city of Segovia, Spain, this castle dates back to the first half of the 12th century. It was built by the Berber dynasty Almoravid at the same site where once stood a Roman fort. Today, very little of the Roman stronghold can be seen. Throughout the years the structure has served many purposed including a royal residence, state prison, artillery college and military academy. In present days, Alcázar of Segovia is being used as a museum and an archive for military documents.

Conwy Castle

Commissioned by Edward I du...

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Five Cities You Should Live For A Time

Changing cities or even countries might be very beneficial to you in a number of respects. If you do not feel content with your current situation, or you just want a change in order to feel like your life is more fulfilled, then you should definitely consider calling your local man and van company to check out if they do inter-city/country relocations. In order to inspire you, we have compiled a list of five cities that everyone would be lucky to have had the chance to live in for a time:

  • London

Well, there is no way that we cannot start with London. The capital of England is a huge modern metropolis which still manages to preserve much of the glory and spirit of the Imperial Age. It is a global financial centre, a cultural hub and so much more...

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Some of Europe’s best Hidden Tourist Destinations

Europe is the most visited continent in the world as it is home to some of the most beautiful and well-known cities on the planet. However not all European destinations are as popular as Paris, London or Rome. Here are several of the most astonishing and interesting hidden gems in Europe.

Civita di Bagnoregio – Located in the province of Viterbo in the central parts of Italy. Civita di Bagnoregio is actually a touristic destination that is comprised of two cities: Civita and Bagnoregio. The latter is situated at the foot of the hill on which sits the city of Civita which can only be accessed via a long stone walkway. Known as the “Dying City”, Civita has a permanent population of six and is known for its charming and gorgeous medieval atmosphere...

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