Life at university

Receiving your acceptance letter from the dream university is probably one of the happiest moments in someone’s life. It’s the beginning of something new, beginning of your path to future success. Every freshman has to be prepared for new atmosphere and some challenges and the first one probably will be arranging the new accommodation.

University lectureIf you are a student you may decide to apply for a dorm or to rent an apartment. Both have advantages and disadvantages, so let’s take a look at them. When you choose dorm you need to know that you will live either on your own or with a roommate, but your room most probably will be very small. You may not be very happy to share a kitchen and a bathroom with others. Another problem might occur when the finals come and you have to study, but your roommate might have other plans for the night. Something positive is that you meet a lot of people of your age and this is how you make friends. If you are lucky enough your roommate can become your best friend and you will be happy to come home. You can share your expenses and food or you can throw a party with friends. If you decide to live in an accommodation you will be more independent but can’t be sure whether you will have old ladies as neighbours or a landlord with lots of requirements.

However it is up to you where you will live but there is another problem to be considered. If your university is far away from your home you have to find a good way of moving your luggage to the new place. One of the possibilities is to travel on your own and to take just the essential stuff or you can use a removal company’s services. They will pack and safely transport your devices, furniture or whatever you have. Also if you need some time to arrange the place you can use the storage service which most companies offer. Otherwise you will travel only with the allowed baggage.

When it comes to life as a student, you will get used to it and you will like it. You will find out how different it is to live on your own, you will have to become more organised, because you will need time for studying, cooking, cleaning your place and at the same time having fun. University years are the time when you create relations and people get to know you. Make sure that you create good impression to all kinds of people, you don’t know who can help you with finding the perfect job. You should think of the lectures as something fun even if they are not the best. But you need to make a difference between the important ones and those which only waste your time. You can learn something more useful at home, while reading a research or an article on the Internet.

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