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By the look of it, man and van removal companies have their work cut out for them – population statistics for Great Britain, and particularly England show notable surge in population in recent time, indicating that the southeast and southwest portions of UK are becoming more and more crowded with every year. In terms of population growth, the last fifteen years have turned out to be as follows:

  • PopulationThe rapid growth of population in UK is due to high migration rates;
  • Since the year 2000, net migration to UK, along with babies born to foreigner parents have formed 85% of the overall increase in population;
  • Using a ‘high-migration scenario’ model, Great Britain’s population is projected to rise by half a million people per annum, in perspective – a new city the size of Liverpool appears on the map every year;
  • 75% of this half a million population increase will be by migrants and their children born in UK;

Since 2000, Great Britain has seen a steady annual increase in immigration, which in turn has caused growing population numbers. In the last 90 years, Great Britain has seen other similar increases of population, though none have been due to mass immigration to the country.


The most overcrowded part of Great Britain is England. In the last fifteen years, England has accommodated the largest number of immigrants, which has brought the country’s population density to 410 people per square kilometre, slightly lower than that of India. The population density figure for England is twice as high as that of Germany, and three and a half times higher than that of France. If the migration influx continues at the same pace, it is just a matter of years before large portions of UK will become overcrowded.

Net migration per city (UK)

Below are ten cities in Great Britain which have experienced positive net migration rate in 2015, arranged from highest to lowest. Demographically and geographically, these ten can be considered as the fastest growing cities in the United Kingdom.

1.       London
2.       Manchester
3.       Birmingham
4.       Glasgow
5.       Liverpool
6.       Cambridge
7.       Cardiff
8.       Bristol
9.       Sheffield
10.   Leicester


Moving out of the UK

Yes, besides a massive influx of immigrants toward Great Britain, there is also a certain portion of people who are moving out of the UK. The most preferred destinations for relocation outside United Kingdom are USA, Ireland, France, Spain, and with Australia receiving the highest number of UK immigrants. British people looking to move away from the UK permanently in 2015 preferred the following destinations: Germany, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland and last Italy.

Average cost of a house removal in UK

The cost of moving house in Great Britain has been on the decline in the last three – four years. The average cost of relocating a 3 or 4 bedroom home is currently about 900 pounds (comprehensive man and van removal). In twenty fourteen, the average cost of the same removal would have been about 1020 pounds, while in twenty thirteen it would have costed about 1030 pounds for a full removal service.

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