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Our Lady of the Sacred Heart

Tallest Statues in Europe

The European continent is home to numerous world famous monuments that attract people from all over the world. Some of these landmarks are astonishing statues with immense dimensions. Here are several of the tallest sculptures in Europe.

The Motherland Calls – Located near the city of Volgograd and designed by Yevgeny Vuchetich and Nikolai Nikitin, The Motherland Calls is the tallest statue in Europe with a height of 87 metres. It was erected in 1967 and at the time was the largest sculpture in the world. Today it is the tallest statue on a woman on the planet and is one of Russia’s most recognisable and visited monuments.

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart – With a height of 32.6 metres this is the tallest statue in France...

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Relocation Vehicles

How to Provide Decent Transportation Services

We have millions of vehicles worldwide. And there are many more that are coming or will come out of the car factories and dealerships. The demand is huge. Many people just drive around having fun, wasting money but at least visiting new places. Others utilise their vehicles and drive the same route every day when they go to work, drop the kids off at school and going shopping. Others on the other hand try to make a living by transporting things or people. These people think of their vans and cars as their main source of income. This is their investment and that’s how they are the breadwinners of their respective families. Regardless of the fact whether you transport passengers or objects you need a few things to take into consideration. After all the competition out there is fierce and i...

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This is Why You Should Be Happy about Moving to Liverpool!

LiverpoolMoving to another city is often stressful and comes along with a lot of doubt and questions in the vein of ‘Did I make the right choice?’. If a relocation to Liverpool is coming for you in the foreseeable future, you will probably have much more on your plate than simply picking up a man and van that will help you pack and move your boxes. The last thing you need is questioning and fearing the future. So, here we have gathered a number of reasons why you should to stress too much about your upcoming change of residence.

  • Liverpool is, among other things, one of the most important cities in the history of England. Only London and Manchester can actually compete with It has been the place where some of the most defining events of the Industrial Revolution and the change it brought to the...
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12 Interesting Facts about Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs have always fascinated the world and this is why we decide to present to you several astonishing facts about dinosaurs.

  1. DinosaurDinosaurs lived throughout the Mesozoic Era which is divided into the following three periods:
  • Triassic
  • Jurassic
  • Cretaceous
  1. During the Triassic Period (approx. 230 million years ago), dinosaurs were small and lightweight. It was during the next two periods that they began to grown and reached their mind-blowing proportions.
  2. Dinosaurs are the source behind all dragon tales and legends. The first dinosaur remains (teeth) were found more than three millennia ago in China. As the locals didn’t know about the existence of dinosaurs they believe that the bone fragments belonged to a creature known as dragon.
  3. They lived on every continent, including Antarctica...
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Ways to Choose Your Vacation Spot

People love going on a vacation. Whether it is with your family along with the children, just with your soulmate or maybe with friends it is always a relaxing and very rewarding feeling. If you are the type who likes to travel to new lands and experience exciting things while taking photos at historical sites then vacationing is exactly for you. Quite frankly, is there anyone who doesn’t like going away for a while? Probably not. If you live in one of the towns of the Borough of Sefton such as Hillside or Crosby you might sometimes enjoy changing the climate and scenery a little an getting out of the suburban reality.

BeachAnyway, selecting the proper place is very important because if you are not entirely happy with where you are going then it might not be such a pleasant experience after al...

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The Best Reasons to Move Out in the Countryside

More and more people start abandoning the big cities all over the country and move to live in smaller towns and villages. This is a direct reversal of the trend that has been experienced during the Industrial Revolution, and surely enough there are many good reasons behind such a trend, which can be summarized in the following aspects:

  • Living in the countryside is more peaceful and comfortable
  • There is no longer need to live in the city in order to have a good job
  • The overall Zeitgeist

English CountrysideIf you have spent the past decades in the busy streets and crowded buses in London, Manchester and Liverpool, you know how stressful living in a big city is in every respect...

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This is Why You Need a Moving Company

Moving VehicleYou might think that your car is big enough to accommodate the needs of your relocation, but in fact that is not the case. You need a well trained team of movers in order to successfully complete even small relocation jobs. Have no fear, in our day and time, it is not an extensive endeavor to hire such a contractor, and here are just a few of the good reasons you should consider doing so:

  • A man and van or professional removal companies are equipped to meet the requirements of any specific moving jobs. They will properly prepare the goods to be moved for the road. No matter whether we are talking about boxes with clothes, a piano or some furniture, the specialists that you pay for the job will know how to pack, disassemble and bring out of your property the goods so that no risk of damage ...
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Actors Who Are Knights

Since the invention of cinematography a large number of actors have been knighted.

Scottish actor Sean Connery is one of the most acclaimed actors in the history of film making. He started his career during the mid-1950s and starred in a number of highly praised movies such as “Dr. No” where he portrayed legendary fictional spy James Bond, “The Murder on the Orient Express”, “Robin and Marian” in the role of Robin Hood, “The Name of the Rose”, “Untouchables” and many more. He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2000.

Movie AwardsMichael Caine is credited to be one of the most prolific British actors in history. He made his first big screen appearance in a small role in the movie “Panic in the Parlour”...

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Five of the Largest Gemstones to Ever be Extracted

DiamondThere is a saying that diamonds are forever. But are all of them the same? They are not! Some gemstones are simply bigger, shinier and more expensive than the others. Here are five of largest diamonds ever to be discovered.

The Jonker: This massive gem was found in South Africa during the mid-1930s. It was 726 carats and was discovered by Johannes Jacobus Jonker hence its name. It is believe that it was cut into 13 smaller gems, the largest of which is known as the Jonker I and weights 142.9 carats. Jewellers have evaluated it at £2.5 million.

The Golden Jubilee: Discovered in 1985, in South Africa, the Golden Jubilee was a 755 carat diamond. It was cut and its weight was reduced to 545.67 carats. It is also one of the few gemstones to receive a papal blessing...

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Some of the Most Interesting Listed Buildings in Liverpool

Now that all the details concerning your move to Liverpool are figured out – man and van company, utilities, where the kids are going to go to school, you can sit back, relax and plan some sightseeing at your new home city. Listed below are several buildings that present some of the most interesting attractions in Liverpool:

  • Albert DockThe former traffic office at Albert Dock was completed in the middle of the 19th century, soon after the warehouses on the same dock were built. It is a three storey building with a basement and has a Tuscan style portico that is to a large extent responsible for the unique way Albert Dock looks – and the reason it is among the most distinct buildings in Liverpool. The Warehouses A-E at Albert Dock are also bearing Grade I listing and are popular with tourists.
  • Th...
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