12 Interesting Facts about Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs have always fascinated the world and this is why we decide to present to you several astonishing facts about dinosaurs.

  1. DinosaurDinosaurs lived throughout the Mesozoic Era which is divided into the following three periods:
  • Triassic
  • Jurassic
  • Cretaceous
  1. During the Triassic Period (approx. 230 million years ago), dinosaurs were small and lightweight. It was during the next two periods that they began to grown and reached their mind-blowing proportions.
  2. Dinosaurs are the source behind all dragon tales and legends. The first dinosaur remains (teeth) were found more than three millennia ago in China. As the locals didn’t know about the existence of dinosaurs they believe that the bone fragments belonged to a creature known as dragon.
  3. They lived on every continent, including Antarctica. This explains why dinosaurs remains and fossils can be literally found anywhere on the planet.
  4. Scientists are certain that most of the dinosaurs were human sized. The misconception about the dimensions of most prehistoric reptiles comes from the fact that paleontologist discover and reassemble more easily larger remains which creates the misbelieve that all animals from that time were exceptionally big and heavy.
  5. The first bones of a Stegosaurus were found in close proximity to Morrison, Colorado, USA. This is why the state is nicknamed the “Stegosaurs State”.
  6. Ornithomimus is credited to be the faster dinosaur to have roamed the face of Earth. According to several scientific calculations, the animal could reach a speed of approximately 43.5 mph which is much faster than the faster human alive.
  7. Humans have been the dominant specie on Earth for an estimate of two millions years. And before you assume that it is a lot, take into consideration that dinosaurs were the apex specie on the planet for more than 165 million years.
  8. Some of the best preserved dinosaur skeletons are showcases in the Natural History Museum in London. So, make sure that you go and see them as soon as your relocation via man and van services if over. But before you go, make sure that you arrange all the final details with the man and van company that provide you removal services.
    10. The first dinosaur nest was discovered by American adventurer Roy Chapman Andrews in 1923 while he was exploring the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. The finding answered the long unknown question on how the gigantic reptiles reproduced.
  9. While there are many theories behind the extinction of the dinosaurs, the most probably is the one concerning a mammoth meteorite hitting the planet on a side which is today known as the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Scientists believe that the collision occurred more than 65 million years ago and the only survivors were small land animals, insects, sharks and jellyfish.
  10. Most carnivorous dinosaurs had hollow bones which were filled with air. This means that while they were enormous and looked heavy, they were quite light weighted which explains who they could reach high speeds. Present day birds have a similar bone structure.

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