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Clutter is by far one of the biggest issues for movers and for people being moved. Most of the time, property owners want to hold onto as much stuff as possible which makes the removal more time consuming and expensive. Indeed some of the items might still be in good order, or they may come into use years down the track, but think about it – do you really need all that old junk at your new place?
Secure man & van in LiverpoolThere is one golden rule when it comes to unwanted items – if it’s been sitting there for more than six months, then it’s clutter. Another golden rule of moving places – declutter before you move, not while you move. The more stuff you need shifted by your hired man and van in Liverpool, the more expensive your removal will be. Before organising the actual removal, get rid of all the unwanted junk and items which otherwise would have been shifted at a price. Quotes are formed based on the volume of possessions being moved, so the less you have the fewer cost you will incur. If you have to get rid of numerous items you no longer need – simply be generous and give those away, hoarding is pointless, plus there are many people out there who will appreciate and benefit greatly from the items you no longer need. By giving some of the stuff away, you receive the gift of more living space at your new home.
Another important aspect of moving is timing. Give yourself enough time to get organised and finish all the things and chores you start. If you have sorted everything out well in advance, then you and the man and van guys will have no issues on moving day as everything will be wrapped up and ready to go. Getting side tracked is another issue with packing and sorting items, your task is to sort and dispose of old junk but you catch yourself reading old letters and looking at black and white photos for two hours straight. Obviously, these are memorabilia which won’t be getting tossed out, so pack it neatly, seal it, and take your time going through it once you move into the new house. Get a friend or relative to help you with packing and sorting of items, usually another person by your side tends to keep you in check, and focused on the task at hand.

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