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A sufficient amount of good quality packing and wrapping supplies is essential for your property removal. Packing and securing of your items and belongings properly is one of the most important aspects of the entire moving process, and as such it should be addressed accordingly. Packaging services in LiverpoolMost of the time though people don’t really want to deal with tedious and time consuming chores like packing and wrapping of china, glassware, electronics etc. and this usually isn’t a problem as most of the removal or man and van service providers can deal with packing and securing of items being moved.
However, if you decide to do your own packing which is not a bad option either, you should purchase the necessary amount and type of packing and wrapping materials. If you won’t be using the packing materials supplied by your man and van company, you need to visit a specialised store or website dealing with such products and materials. Usually, cardboard boxes turn out to be the most versatile and needed piece of packing kit. General purpose cardboard moving boxes come in five sizes – small, medium, large, extra-large and a special book size box. Optionally, you can also purchase special purpose moving boxes like the so called wardrobe box.
The other piece of kit you will likely need is plastic bags. Special purpose plastic bags can be found in many stores. You might come across mattress bags – grab a few of those as they provide for sufficient protection of your mattress during handling and transit, these bags are also moisture resistant. Packing bags are also available for office chairs, standalone furniture units etc.
Shrink and stretch film, as well as bubble wrap will also come in handy during the removal so make sure you have plenty of both – they are relatively inexpensive but worth every penny. Packing paper and foam are also an option, though using these materials is a little trickier. It might be a good idea to buy a few sets of edge protectors. Edge protectors can be attached to furniture and electronics being shifted, or they can be attached to stacks of boxes wrapped together using shrink and stretch film. The edge protectors can be used on doorways and corners as well which will protect the premises from scratches, dents and chips.
For additional and other special purpose packing and wrapping materials you should turn to your moving company.

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