Tourist attractions to visit in the UK

Moving homes is a great occasion to get out of the city for a while. It is a stressful process so once it is finished, the best way to relieve the pressure is to grab your kids, your partner and your bag, and go out on a little adventure. You can do that as soon as the man and van people unload the boxes at your new place. After all you are going to have plenty of time for unpacking and sorting things out. The first thing to do is to recharge your batteries, right?

Listed below are a number of suggestions about popular and pretty interesting tourist attractions that lie at a close distance to London, and can easily be reached from other spots in the country, so that you do not have to do too much planning and managing of the logistics.

1)      Bexhill-on-SeaBexhill-on-Sea. Everyone likes the sea, don’t they? Well, Bexhill on Sea is a small tourist town with some of the best beaches in Britain. Have a dip if the weather permits it, otherwise do not forget to go to the Bexhill Museum as well as the De La Warr Pavilion. Both places are totally worth it.

2)      St Albans is a Medieval monastery surrounded by breathtaking nature that will totally make your day. The village that grew around the monastery definitely has its own gems to show you, including a traditional Street Market. The Robin Hood pub is yet another place here that you should not miss. Their ale is like nowhere else.

3)      Windsor is a pretty popular destination. It is naturally because of the Windsor Palace, parts of which are open to the public. The whole town is pretty accommodating to tourists with lots of amenities to keep you occupied. What is more, it is pretty easy to reach from London, because there are two railroad stations that service Windsor. The real must here are of course the gardens of the Palace, which in our opinion are among the most beautiful to see in the whole wide world.

4)      You can easily reach Egham & Runnymede by train from Waterloo. The ride takes only 40 minutes and you will have the chance to see the place where King John signed the Magna Carta in 1215 – at the Runnymede National Trust. Have launch at the Great Forests Hunting Lodge Hotel, where food is served in the Traditional Tudor Room. We guarantee it is an experience like no other.

5)      Blenheim Palace is one of the most beautiful palaces outside the capital. It is the family house of the Churchill Family, of which the WWII Prime Minister was a proud descendent. There is a pretty nice permanent exhibit at the Palace dedicated to the history of this great British family. The lands around the estate, especially the landscaped gardens, are yet another thing that you should make you consider visiting Blenheim Palace as soon as possible – there are a marvelous example of the art of gardening.

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