Some of Dublin’s Best Bars

Dublin-overviewOne of the best ways to get to know your new city is to sus out some of the favourite local drinking holes. Now before you embark on a booze night out (even if you have sufficient prior experience in that) consider what places you like going to, and whether or not the local scene matches your idea of a good bar or pub. If the man and van removal people that brought your stuff can’t point you in the right direction, then by all means grab your mobile device and see what cool places are near you, or within close enough distance – not everyone is fortunate to live next door to their favourite pub or bar. If new to the city of Dublin then you have a massive choice of bars and pubs where you can enjoy a pint of the black stuff, or a stiff swig of whisky, all in style. Here are some suggestions to consider:

For a classic ale experience that brings you back to the Victorian era, you need Kehoe’s. The pub serves drinks only, no food menu but that shouldn’t put you off as the etched glass and mahogany interior creates a unique atmosphere to enjoy a pint so immerse yourself in pure Dublin.

Stag’s Head is another of the classic drinking holes in Dublin. The crowd is colourful, ranging from students and tourists to businessmen and stockbrokers from the nearby exchange. Stag’s Head serves one of the best pints of beer in Dublin so take your time and enjoy the craic. By the way, there really is a stag’s head hanging on the wall inside the pub.

Whelan’s is one of the good spots for pints and live music. The venue has two stages – one is for local artists, the other is for up-and-coming indie acts. Both stages are great fun and the crowd there loves staying up late.

The Temple Bar – one of the older pubs in the city. The Temple has been pouring cold pints for more than hundred and sixty years. They also got Irish music playing live almost every day. One of The Temple Bar’s hidden lures is the beer garden. Enjoy!

The Summit Inn may be a little out of the way (few miles outside Dublin’s city centre) but the walk up Howth Hill is well worth it. The place is cosy and welcoming. Plus, the views of Dublin from the pub’s terrace are magnificent.

Bruxelles is the place to be for rock and metal music fans that don’t mind that the footy is always on telly. The bar is frequented by many rockers, old and new, even the great Iron Maiden are said to be regular visitors. The venue is an underground bar of befitting atmosphere. Guinness is on tap.

The Cobblestone – a perfect spot for endless live music and close quarter mingling between musicians and punters. The Cobblestone is situated in a very funky part of Dublin so you should enjoy the walk there. The bar is known as the place to be for local action. The tourist trail goes somewhat cold here so it’s just you and the locals!

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