Three Winter Blockbusters That You Cannot Miss

Usually summer is the season when the biggest Hollywood productions hit the wide-screen and attract millions of people from all over the world to the cinemas. Well, the last months of the year, usually the second half of November throughout December is the other time of year that big smash hits that break box office records are to be expected. This year definitely does not disappoint in that respect either.

CinemaThere are dozens of films that are worth watching on the cinema programs now, but three of them are huge hits that you should definitely not miss. Interestingly enough, all three of them are part of huge franchises that have already grossed hundreds of millions of dollars. Probably going to see one of them will dissolve your winter-blues and will enable you to unwind after a major home relocation, so go to the nearest cinema after the people from the man and van company leave, and immerse yourself for at least a couple of hours in a whole different world:

  • Specter is the newest installment in the James Bond franchise. If you do not know who Agent 007 is, you have probably lived on Mars your whole life. If you have not heard of him after the massive pre-release marketing campaign, you probably live on Jupiter – in the Middle Ages. It is the last Bond film featuring Daniel Craig as the legendary secret-agent/super spy. Specter closes the story-arch that began with Casino Royal several years ago, but also explores some of Bond’s past. After the darker Skyfall, this film is described as a return to the classical Bond format – and it definitely works great.
  • The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 is the last film of the Hunger Games series that made lead-actress Jennifer Lawrence a super-star of a whole new dimension. The film follows the last days of the large-scale rebellion against the Capitol and president Snow, sees our heroes face yet another series of deathly challenges and has a lot of CGI special effects that come to show that the huge budget 160 million dollars has not gone to waste. Oh, and we will be able to finally see whether Katniss is going to finally pick up Peeta or Gale. The guys are pretty much tired of waiting for five films, as you might imagine.
  • And finally – Star Wars The Force Awakens. The new part of the intergalactic saga has already managed to break the box office records for pre-sale of tickets, even though the official release date is 18 December. Director JJ Abrams is promising a whole new experience, while staying true to the roots of the series. Much in the vein of previous films, very little is known about the plot, but one thing is certain, R2D2 and C3PO are living and kicking as always, and when the Force Awakens, it will be an experience that everyone is going to talk about for a long, long time. So get your lightsaber and prepare for a jump in hyper-space.

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