Things to Do When Out in Liverpool

If you are just moving in Liverpool and cannot wait to go out exploring this marvelous city of ours, then we envy you. Liverpool has a wide range of amenities, monuments, venues and other hot spots that will keep occupied for many years to come.

So, while you are waiting for the people from the Liverpool man and van company to unload your boxes, why don’t you just grab your family and go out to take a peek at some of the places that the city has to offer you?

We have made a selection of some of the beautiful parks and outdoor venues that are to be enjoyed on a sunny day like the many this summer promises:

  • Sefton-ParkSefton Park is the largest public park in Liverpool and it is taken great care of by the council. It is open around the clock and has a great deal of amenities on its territory – for example the ornamented lake or the steamy wrought-iron Palm House as well as a lot of space to go for a walk or have a picnic with friends or significant others.
  • The waterfront of the River Mersey has a lot to offer to you. It is a great place to walk or go jogging. There is a parade of cozy cafes, restaurant and pubs in the vicinity. The newly developed landscaped area near the Pier Head is definitely one of the places that you should go to at all costs, especially if the weather is good. You are guaranteed that you are going to find your favourite retreat from the hassle and stress of the city here.
  • The Festival Gardens were a big hit in the 1980s. Unfortunately, when the events organized there fell from fashion, they were somewhat neglected for a long time. The good news is that recent efforts restored the Festival Gardens to their beauty and elegance and now they are back being one of the finest outdoor spaces in Liverpool. There are a  three-tier waterfall, dazzling herbaceous borders, rock gardens and river views that you can enjoy literally all year long.
  • If you are into cycling, Liverpool will provide you with routes as fine as they come. The Wirral Way in particular is among the best tracks you can do your weekly amount of cycling. The Wirral Way starts from the Dee side of the peninsula, runs through Heswall Meadows and the towns of West Kirby and Heswall. Along the way you will enjoy breathtaking views of hills, beaches and National Trust Managed parklands, so what is there not to like? Grab your bike at the first opportunity you get and do not think twice about running through the Wirral Way. The experience is totally worth it.

These are of course just a few suggestions to get your started. We are more than certain that along the way you are going to find your own favorite places in Liverpool and see that there are many things to love the city and its magnificent surroundings.

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