Fuel Saving Techniques from the Pros

In the current state of the economy and the ever-rising gas prices, finding out about how you can reduce the amount of fuel your vehicle consumes may turn out to be solution that you have been looking for in order to balance your budget.

Fuel-efficiencyFuel-saving techniques are employed by both private individuals and big companies like man and van moving contractors with the simple goal to cut down the amount of gas consumed while on the road, thus saving both quite a bit of cash and the environment. So it is safe to say that by following the several simple, yet efficient tips that are described below, you are going to kill two birds with one stone.

  1. Naturally the best way to save fuel is to buy a vehicle that is fuel efficient. This is easy to do when you are buying a new car for example, because you can make an informed choice and pick up the most appropriate option. Unfortunately, if your car is new, or you just cannot spare the money needed, you will need to use of the other tips – even though this strategy will be a long-term investment that will eventually pay off.
  2. Avoiding high speeds is probably the most efficient way to save fuel. Some studies and tests suggest that by driving at 120 km. per hour instead of at 100 km. per hour increases the fuel consumption of your car with up to 15 %.
  3. Another quite efficient method that would also contribute to making your driving safer is to accelerate and break at a steady rate. Depending on the model of the car your drive and your previous manner of controlling it, economy may increase to the astonishing 20%.
  4. Air conditioning adds up to the load your engine sustains, thus increasing considerably the amount of fuel that is needed in order to work properly. If you want less fuel to be wasted use the air conditioning system only when it is absolutely necessary.
  5. However, when driving at a higher speed, do not open the windows in order to compensate for turning off the A/C.  Open windows increase the drag, as well as fuel needed up to 10 %.
  6. The greater the load on the vehicle, the greater the fuel consumption. Learn to pack lightly for long trips, and you will see that less fuel will be needed for them. If you have sandbags in your trunk to increase the stability of the vehicle while driving in winter conditions, do not forget to get them out of there in spring.
  7. In order to have a proper fuel consumption rate, your car needs to be properly maintained too. Do not forget to service it regularly in order to make sure that everything is working okey, and fix problems promptly.
  8. Cruise control is one of the best things that happened in terms of fuel efficiency thanks to new technology. Use the mode to maintain a constant speed while on a long drive.

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