Things People couldn’t do in Liverpool 10 Years Ago

Liverpool-OneLike any other city, Liverpool too is evolving, improving and changing. Over the last decade, residents and guests of the city have witnessed many positive changes which have made Liverpool a better place to live and work in. If you have recently moved to the city, bid your man and van removal people a big thank you, and see what a great places you have landed at!

Indeed, places come and go, especially in a dynamic city like Liverpool, however people have seen genuinely positive changes over the last ten year period. Here are some of the more notable ones:

  • The opening of Liverpool One – The shopping, residential and leisure complex in city centre has been there for merely seven years yet it has become one of the most popular such places in the Liverpool, loved by locals and guests alike, the nine hundred and twenty million pound investment is paying off on all levels. The other place to have gained similar popularity and appraisal is The Metquarter – opened in two thousand six.
  • See the Iron Men – Ten years ago, the one hundred life sized Anthony Gromley statues were being installed across Crosby Beach in Liverpool. It took twenty whole days to do the job but now they are a much loved attraction for everyone. The statues were about to be moved to New York in two thousand six, but eventually it was decided to keep them right here in Crosby.
  • The Liverpool Wheel – Although planning began around two thousand five, the Liverpool Wheel did not arrive until twenty ten. Erected and positioned by the Echo Arena, the sixty metre wheel provides breathtaking views of city centre, the waterfront, Wirral and beyond. Besides the forty one standard viewing pods, the wheel also features a luxury VIP capsule;
  • The Echo Arena – the venue which opened in two thousand eight has become the big gig place of Liverpool! Artists and musicians of the highest echelons have played at the Echo Arena since its opening. So far, the hundred and sixty four million pound investment is paying off big time!
  • The Liverpool Aquatics Centre – This is the official name for Wavertree’s Olympic sized swimming pool. The seventeen million state of the art facility opened in two thousand eight and provided upcoming swimming talent with the perfect training ground.
  • Museum of Liverpool – Before the completion of the new, modern building, the Museum of Liverpool was housed by the old Pilotage and Salvage Association building. Since its opening in two thousand eleven, the museum and its lovely new building have attracted an excess of seven hundred thousand visitors every year!
  • LIMF – The Liverpool International Music Festival has become one of the best events the city has ever staged. Only in its third year, the festival has drawn massive interest and attracted crowds from near and far. LIMF was brought in to replace the Mathew Street Festival and indeed some people still miss the old event, but with forty percent less organising costs, LIMF is here to stay. Organisers say this year’s edition will be one to remember. The other big event to watch out for is this year’s Sound City.

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