The World Museum of Liverpool

World Museum, LiverpoolEngland is known to be a cultural hub of the world due to the fact that it is the location of numerous first rate museums. However not all world famous museums of England are situated in London. For instance the highly famous World Museum is located in the city of Liverpool.

The museum was established in 1851 as the Derby Museum and is located on William Brown Street which is the same street on which lies the famous Walker Art Gallery. The museum has a large collection that is dedicated to archaeology, physical sciences, natural sciences and ethnology. The World Museum is part of the National Museums Liverpool and is free to visit. The latest numbers show that the museum is visited by approximately 600.000 people on a yearly basis, which makes it the 21st most visited museum in the United Kingdom.

In recent year the museum has been the subject of a major refurbishment and reconstruction project which aims to double the size of the display spaces and to make the museum more welcoming to a larger number of visitors. The most famous features of the museum are a Natural History Centre and a free Planetarium.

The World Museum is divided into several sections, some of which have their own sub-services.

  • Astronomy, Space and Time – This section of the museum is decided to physical science and displays items that are related to such sciences. The section was created during the early 1940s and is also the location of the aforementioned planetarium which was built in 1970 and has a capacity of 62 seats.
  • Human history – This section is divided into sub-section which are archaeology and Egyptology, and ethnology. The first sub-section has a collection of approximately 15.000 objects some of which come from Sudan and Egypt. The most noted exhibits of the archaeology and Egyptology sub-section are the funerary statue of Ama’alay dhu-Dharah`il from Hayd ibn Aqil which is a relic that comes from ancient Saudi Arabia and the Codex Fejervary-Mayer which is an Aztec codex and one of the very few manuscripts that have survived the Spanish conquest of Mexico.
  • Natural History – This section of the museum is divided into two sub-sections which are biology and zoology, and geology. The latter sub-section displays a collection of over 40.000 fossils and rocks. The geology sub-section of the museum was founded in 1858 and is considered to be the oldest sub-section of the museum.

As you can see London isn’t the only city in England that has a lot to offer to its residents. So as soon as you relocate to “The Pool” via the aid of a man and van company, make sure that you visit the World Museum. Know that there are numerous companies that provide man and van services in Liverpool so you won’t have a hard time finding a company that will gladly lend you a hand with your move.

Also make sure that you drop by the Walker Art Gallery while you are in the area as it is another museum that is well worth seeing in person.

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