The ultimate guide to packing

Your upcoming removal is likely to be causing you a lot of stress and strain already so any good advice that you can get would be welcomed.

Brown BoxThe man and van company that you are going to hire may offer very comprehensive packing services but they cost money that you might not have. So, if you are looking for ways to save a bit from your relocation, carrying out the packing process on your own would be a good start.

Packing is a responsible job and it may very well determine the successful outcome of your removal. So check with your man and van contractor for any requirements that the company itself might have about the way your items should be packed. You can even get your packing supplies from them. In that way you are going to ensure that they would be of a proper quality.

Now, let’s get down to work:

  • You should carefully label all boxes and bags that you are taking with you to the new place. Post-its and sellotape (the clear kind) are great for doing the labeling. Make sure that you have put the label at a visible place, especially if the box contains items that are to be handled with care.
  • If you have voluminous items like fluffy blankets or lots of clothes, you can really save space by getting vacuum bags. Once you put the items in those bags, you can suck any air in the bag using your vacuum cleaner. Thus you are really going to save space you might put in a much better use.
  • Small items (jewelry included) are best preserved during transportation in zip lock bags. Another solution is to use plastic food containers for the purpose. In any case, you are going to ensure that nothing is lost during transportation.
  • Glassware and chinaware might be your greatest concern during the home relocation, especially if the pieces are of sentimental value or just expensive. They are really fragile and prone to breaking. If you want to avoid such an unpleasant surprise all that you have to do is wrap them in old newspapers.
  • Books and shoes are to be packed in any suitcases available. For everything else there are boxes, that may break if you put heavy items in them.
  • Your clean towels are among the first items that you may want to pack, but you should rather use them to wrap picture frames and other fragile objects so that you avoid breaking. Thus you are optimizing your packing process greatly and ensure your peace of mind.
  • On the last day before the move (or alternatively, even before you start packing), you should think about the box/bag with essentials that you are going to need on the first day of your stay at your new place: toilet paper and soap, coffee and canned food, garbage bags and some tools, as well as a set of clean clothes are to be included in the list.

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