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Just like any other segment of the economy, the property removals industry is taking full advantage of the digital age and the technological advancement that comes with it. Tracking softwareThese days large removal companies and man and van service providers, especially those that operate internationally are appreciating the benefits of using a specially designed piece of software, which deals with registering, tracking, payments and all else that’s involved in international removal of items and goods.
According to industry professionals, the days when Word documents and Excel spreadsheets were enough to keep track of goods and items being transported to and from the country of origin, are long gone. Today, powerful and comprehensive tracking software helps companies keep things in check, and on schedule. One of the biggest issues for international movers in the past is hauling items to countries where laws and regulations are unclear, or frequently changed. Using interactive software allows movers to be up to date with the latest requirements and regulations imposed by countries and territories.
Another big benefit of using such smart software is that movers can manage payments, due amounts, taxes, levies etc. Usually removal software has filing or profiling functions which keep a record of each customer, and the shipments they have coming in and going out. The program calculates due amounts payable to the moving company at any given stage during transportation.
Interactivity is one of the key aspects of such programs or platforms. Users can connect to one another through the program in real time, in order to exchange information, receive or relay additional requirements to transferees, generate reports etc. These programs usually create a file for each shipment, and update it regularly. Customers and movers have access to that information at any one time, and can plan ahead for any changes or expected delays. Movers and man and van service operators who use such software say the biggest benefit is the ability to track goods in real time. Such programs allow for multiple types of tracking, including live feed from GPS data. The real beauty of such software pieces is that most companies can purchase, implement and use these programs with relatively low investments costs and staff training costs. Having said this, sophisticated pieces of tracking and removal software are recommended for large removal companies which either work internationally, or have multiple domestic branches, or have outsourced certain aspects of their business.

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