No Damage: Furniture Moving Tips

Moving places usually involves moving heavy or at least bulky pieces of furniture. Navigating awkward furniture pieces around tight corners and small interior spaces without causing damage to the premises, or the furniture piece itself is not easy and takes a lot of Tricks for moving furnitureskill and effort. If you aren’t prepared to deal with this task on your own, perhaps it is best to let your man and van service providers do this for you – it will be safer for both your back and your furniture. However, if you do need to do the furniture shift on your own, do it smart and use all the tricks in the book.
First of all, consider the size and weight of the piece you are moving. If the thing is not overly large or heavy you can try and lift it carefully, in all instances it will be better to do this with someone else – a second pair of hands and legs will be immense help. If the piece of furniture is too heavy to lift, then don’t lift it but slide it across the floor. Before you do this though, make sure to put an old blanket or thick cardboard underneath the furniture as to avoid dents and scratches to the floor. How to make it happen? Simple, lift one end either left, right, front or rear then slide the blanket or cardboard under, lower the piece carefully and repeat the same procedure on all ends. If you don’t feel confident in doing these manoeuvres then don’t risk personal injury or property damage, but let your man and van service providers do the heavy lifting for you.
If you will be sliding furniture across carpeted areas of the house, use cardboard. For hard flooring surfaces use old blankets. If your furniture is fitted with what’s called magic sliders then you should have no trouble sliding the piece across most flooring surfaces without causing damage. The ever-present question of whether to pull or push a piece of furniture is easily answered through some basic physics which can be seen in automotive engineering. In all instances it is better to pull instead of push. Here is a practical example – front wheel drive vehicles create pulling power which makes it easier for the vehicle to pull itself or be pulled out when bogged down. Remember to empty out the contents of furniture pieces being moved

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