Protecting the Premises from Damage during Removal

Many times the removal process i.e. shifting items, boxes, pieces of furniture etc. doesn’t cause damage to the objects being moved but to the premises they are being moved out of. Indeed this is not a great scenario but a likely one, so it would carpet-protectorbe best to take measures in advance and protect the property from accidental damage. Shifting bulky furniture pieces, navigating tight corridors and turns can result in chips, dents, scratches, holes and scuffmarks on interior woodwork, plaster walls, ceilings etc.If you will be using a professional man and van company for the removal, let them inspect the property’s entry and exit points so that the movers know what type of protective equipment is required. Specialised man and van service providers usually apply a number of protective solutions.

The most widely used one is the carpet protector. The protector is a clear, durable film that is spread over carpeting or other fabric flooring surfaces in order to prevent soiling, wear and tear, punctures, rips etc. which may occur during shifting and handling. Most floor protector films are self-adhesive which makes then even more practical and effective. The protector film can sit on the floor for a long period of time without any adhesive transfer to the carpet below.For hardwood flooring, it is best to use large pieces of durable, hard wearing removal blankets, in this case foam floor protector druggets. The foam backing makes the blanket no-slip, which is a very important safety consideration. You need to inform your moving company that you wish to use foam druggets as the product is made to order.

Another type of protective solution is the corner protector – these are not the same as architectural corner protectors, but they are temporary devices that are attached to a wall corner that is likely to be hit by removal boxes, bulky furniture pieces etc. being moved out.

Professionally organised moving services usually include a prelim viewing so that movers can determine what type and level of protection will be needed for the premises. Protecting the property from damage during move out is even more important when it’s a rental as even a single bit of damage can be a real problem for tenants and landlords. This risk is usually offset or at least minimised by engaging the services of the right man & van company. Search for service provider that is experienced in the particular type of property removal you require. By all means, request a preliminary viewing, even if cost you a little extra. A viewing will help the movers organise and conduct your service quicker and easier, plus they will know what type of premises protection is required for the job.

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