New Job Opportunities at Mersey Shopping Park

A newly planned shopping centre in Speke is expected to create over one thousand jobs if plans for construction are given the go ahead. Currently, managing team of the Mersey Shopping Park are collecting public proposals and opinions on the project and its potential for the locality. Apart from large amounts of retail shopping space, the complex will also feature a cinema and a number of restaurants.

Mersey Shopping ParkWithin a couple of weeks, a public exhibition of the project will be held as to allow local residents and/or potential shoppers and customers become familiar with the proposed shopping centre and its features. Managers are welcoming feedback from everyone as opinions and points of view are important at this pre-approval stage. Planning application is due for submission soon.

If Liverpool City Council approves the project and gives building the green light, it is expected for nearly four hundred construction jobs to be created, along with six hundred permanent part and full time positions within the complex. The site developers are British Land. The company is quite serious about the effect and impact of the new project on local community this is why the planning submission is scheduled after public consultations.

British Land boss says the project is going to regenerate the local retail scene and liven up the local economy through much needed and long awaited improvements and upgrades. The addition of new cinema, restaurants and extra retail space will make a positive difference. There will also be a new set of leisure facilities included as part of the complex. Another key point is to meet the business requirements of new retailers looking to invest in the area – this substantial shopping complex will meet modern business criteria in every respect. One other aspect where much improvement will be seen is accessibility – Mersey Shopping Park will have spacious, sufficiently large parking space, something which has been an issue to this day.

There are however some debates as to whether or not creating nearly one thousand (relatively) low paid, medium skilled jobs, excluding those engaged in construction, is such a good idea. Some people would like to see higher paid, prospective jobs opening up in their area, others however say a job is a job and it makes no difference as long as people are paid what they earn. In response, British Land has taken on the responsibility to enter into serious talks and consultation with Liverpool City Council on how to target suitable local residents for suitable positions at Mersey Shopping Park, which is by all means a good thing.

Direct ownership of Mersey Shopping Park rests with the Speke Unit Trust. The British Land Corporation holds a major stake in the trust. Directly or indirectly British Land has been involved in the Shopping Park project for more than a decade now, which shows their commitment if anything. At the moment, British Land is also the property advisor for Mersey Shopping Park. The public exhibition scheduled for the twenty first of February, will be a good indicator of how well the project will be received – positive outcome is expected.

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