How Much Cargo Space Do You Need When Moving Places?

One of the ways to hedge the cost of your house removal (whatever distance it may be) is to accurately estimate the amount of cargo space you require for relocating your belongings. Hiring too much cargo space will cost you more, hiring insufficient cargo space will also cost you more in the end, so do some number crunching.

Van-cargoMost of the experienced man and van removal companies will help with calculating the amount of cargo space you need, and do so quite accurately too. Generally, the cargo space options you can choose from vary greatly. From securing a few cubic metres of cargo space to hiring an entire Luton van, or a forty foot shipping container. Stress and timing are also important considerations when calculating how much space you need because in the whole commotion things tend to be forgotten or misjudged.

A good man and van removal company will provide you with a professional surveyor who will visit your address, consult you on available options and conduct an estimation based on the volume of items you wish to take along. The idea is to choose the right size removal vehicle as per the requirements at hand. For example, a flat removal will require less cargo space than the removal of a three bedroom home.

One key aspect is to encompass everything, forgetting to include certain items in the preliminary inventory can be quite a problem on removal day so me thorough and meticulous, give yourself and your surveyor enough time to go through everything and prepare an accurate estimate. Overestimating the amount of cargo space you need, will mean nothing is left behind, but it will also mean higher service costs due to usage of a larger removal vehicle.

If you want to get a sufficient indication of how much cargo space you need, use a good online volume converter – these apps are widely available on the internet and used quite frequently in the UK. The better ones can give you a pretty decent indication of how much space you need. Having said this, your removal company surveyor should be the primary source of trustworthy information, not the internet.

When estimating your required cargo space, begin with the large/bulky/heavy items and objects which you cannot do without. Relocating such items is the most problematic aspect as they eat up a lot of cargo space and take more time to accommodate on board the selected removal vehicle. It is not uncommon to forget the occasional wardrobe or washing machine (as odd as it may seem right now) so take your time when drawing up the inventory and show your man and van company surveyor all the items you wish to take along.

Also, prepare a list of items which you wish to take along but can do without. If you are stuck between a rock and a hard place i.e. weighing the costs of the removal against the need to keep certain things, it would be good to have a few items which you can painlessly part ways with, in favour of a more cost efficient service.

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