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Make your new house feel like home

Moving to a new home can be stressful for the whole family. Being in a new environment usually makes you somewhat disoriented, maybe a bit frustrated. Like everything else it’s a matter of some time passing and adjusting to the new surroundings. However there is a right way to approach that matter and make the … Read more

Merseyside – a county worth seeing

When they hear the name Merseyside most people think about football. All sport fans associate it with Liverpool FC and Everton FC and their world famous local derby. However most people tend to forget that besides a Merseyside derby there is also a Merseyside county that has much more to it’s visitors than it’s undoubtedly … Read more

How to prepare for moving in a new home

The internet is full of articles and tips dedicated to explain how move easily to a new home without all the nerves and preparing weeks and weeks. Unfortunately they’re little more than wishful thinking. It’s going to be difficult, at moments chaotic and you will inevitably forget a lot of things. Kids will cry, parents … Read more

Tips for choosing a new home Part II

House of Card is an American political dra / thriller series that is a remake of a UK TV classic with the same name. What does that have to do with picking a new house? Well, in one of the episodes Frank Underwood (the series protagonist or antagonist depending on your viewpoint) states that “Power … Read more

Tips for choosing a new home Part I

So you made the big decision and are about to start looking for a new home. Sure sounds easy – call a man and van service, have your stuff transported to the new place, done. Yet, you’re quickly overwhelmed by the complexity of solving a problem so basic – where to live. Picking the right … Read more

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