Tips for choosing a new home Part II

House of Card is an American political dra / thriller series that is a remake of a UK TV classic with the same name. What does that have to do with picking a new house? Well, in one of the episodes Frank Underwood (the series protagonist or antagonist depending on your viewpoint) states that “Power is like real estate – it’s all about location, location, location”. And while none of us are in a position to give opinions about the former, it’s difficult not to agree with Mr. Underwood about the latter.

We don’t intend to stress you out but it’s by far one of the most important decisions you make in your life. Often – several times. Where you live pretty much determines you way of life. And it all comes down to solving a complicated equation that involves you work, your spouse / partner, kids if you have any, job and a plethoria of other things to consider. Notice we’re not even mentioning money. Because yes – money are probably the frontrunner of factors. But even if you could afford to live in a fairy tale palace that doesn’t mean you should do so if it involves you traveling to work for two hours each day.

People usually first consider their job. How close the new home is to work? Is there good transport? How long will it take to get to work? Maybe the location is a bit far from your work place but there is convenient public transport that can take you there fast. Or perhaps the situation of your house allows for a quick route to work. In any case consider everyday travel time realistically before calling a man and van to move your stuff.

If you have children you should also consider schools and kindergartens. Are there good ones in the area. Can you transfer your children in them fast and easy enough? And more importantly – do you want to? If you’re satisfied with the school or kindergarten your child has been going to so far then it’s probably a good idea to keep him or her enrolled there. Changing schools can be very hard on kids of any age so if your schedule and the transport allow it – better keep the status quo.

And lastly – consider the neighborhood. No matter whether you’re looking to rent or buy – the neighborhood will be a major factor for the price. You’re probably going to be on a budget but under no circumstances jump on the first seemingly good offer. Even if the home itself are in good condition and the price fits your budget perfectly. Stop and think. A bad area with lots of burglaries means that nice apartment you rented is a ticking time bomb and all the money you saved from rent you’re going to loose of damaged and stolen property. So be careful.

In the end it all comes down to common sense. As with anything it’s all about thinking before acting. And one last tip – choose your man and van service carefully unless you want to have a new home full of old broken furniture. 

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