How to prepare for moving in a new home

The internet is full of articles and tips dedicated to explain how move easily to a new home without all the nerves and preparing weeks and weeks. Unfortunately they’re little more than wishful thinking. It’s going to be difficult, at moments chaotic and you will inevitably forget a lot of things. Kids will cry, parents will yell and you test your nerves to the limit. It’s just how it works.

Still you’re not completely at the mercy of fate and as with everything else in life being prepared is a good idea. Your start point should be sitting down and just laying your moving plan on a sheet of paper. Write down a rough estimate of your belongings, how many guys you’ll need to book from the man and van company, when it would be best to do the relocation (as in time and date).

After you’ve done a preliminary “to do” list it is time to go though basically all your belongings. From the sofa in your living room, through the items on your night stand to the pile of junk in your garage. Everything. It’s a good idea to start checking your inventory at least a month before the estimated date for the move because it’s going to be a lot of work. And it’s boring, too – we won’t lie. Still consider it as an opportunity to get rid of all the rubbish you’ve gathered throughout the years. You’ll be surprised how much things you should probably get rid off. There is not golden rule as to what to keep and what not but as a general rule – keep only things you actually use or are 100% sure will use. The old CRT TV that collects dust in your garage and the Play Station 1 gaming console next to it need to go. If you haven’t used them in the last 2 years – get rid of them. It goes more or less like that with everything else. Keep what you need, the rest throw away or even better if they’re in good condition – donate to a charity or recycle. Old electrical appliances should go for scrap and you old children’s toys and clothes will of better use to a charity if you’re not using them.

After you’ve decided that stays and what goes you have to take care of preparing your belongings for transportation. Packing and disassembling your furniture and items correctly is extremely important for their safe transportation. And to be honest not everybody is up to the challenge not to mention that it can take a lot of time and effort for a non-professional. This is where our company comes.

We offer a complex home and commercial moving services. And while we cannot tell you what item to keep and what to throw away we can help you with everything else every step of the way. Moving with us includes:

  1. Packing and disassembling – our movers can take care of both We can even provide the packing materials.
  2. Safe transportation – the essence of our services. You can rest assured our movers are the best in all of Liverpool.
  3. Delivery and assembling – once the items are delivered our drivers will assemble your furniture with ease
  4. Storage – in case some of our belongings can’t be moved immediately you can take advantage of our secure storage service.

Like we said – there is no magic wand to swing and just finish with a house removal. However you can turn to our man and van Liverpool company and make the process at least bearable.

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