Canada – No.4 on UK Expat List of Preferred Destinations

CanadaCanada is one of the most preferred destinations for people leaving the UK. The second largest country in the world provides for sun, snow and pristine landscapes. At the moment, it is estimated that six hundred and eight thousand British expats call Canada home, with hundred and fifty seven thousand pensioners. Keep in mind that Canada is a bilingual country, meaning that both English and French are the official languages used throughout the nation. The focus of French speaking population is around Quebec. One of the biggest lures for UK expats in Canada is the stunning scenery in which modern metropolises are nestled – providing for a truly unique country scape and lifestyle.

Some of the major cities of Canada are Toronto (pronounced Tronno by the locals), Montreal, Vancouver and Quebec, and the capital Ottawa. It seems most expats congregate in Montreal and Vancouver. The country has a number of world class ski resorts such as Calgary and Whistler. Overall, Canada provides for a vast array of regions to see and explore – locals and tourists alike can holiday each year without getting bored as there is more to see and do. If you are looking to experience something unique as a newcomer to Canada, by all means organise a trip to see the Northern Lights (aurora borealis) in Newfoundland. Also go whale watching off the coast of Vancouver – another absolute must.

Canada although bitterly cold at times, is a welcoming country in many respects. Almost all individuals living or residing within Canada have access to high quality healthcare. Furthermore, Canada is multicultural to the bone – the country has one of the highest per capita immigration rates in the world. Two years ago, Canadian immigration authorities were looking to attract between two hundred and forty thousand and two hundred and seventy thousand new permanent residents, and the figure was expected to rise in the years to follow.

Relocating to Canada is like moving to any other destination – it takes planning, consideration and the right help. In this case, you would need a specialised man and van removal company which deal with international removals to Canada. There are many good man and van removal companies in the UK, which are able to assist with your North American adventure.

UK nationals moving to Canada will likely need the most common class visa – the one for skilled workers and professionals. However, one would have to prove that they are able and willing to contribute to the Canadian economy – the point system granting visas in Canada is similar to the one used in Australia, though here your max score is 67. If wanting to move to Quebec however, you will be subject to different visa regulations as the city has its own local visa specifics. You will also be required to show proof that you have enough financial resources to support yourself in Canada – get in touch with immigration authorities for more information as the figure is subject to adjustment every so often. Your UK pension is payable in Canada too, but there are no indexations and increases on annual basis.

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