8 amazing facts about Liverpool

You have decided to change the scenery and move to another city in order to commence a new life with your family. So why don’t you consider the city of Liverpool. Liverpool is one of the most emblematic cities of England and the United Kingdom. This is why we have decided to list down several interesting facts about the city that will undoubted make you consider Liverpool as a potential destination.

  1. Loverpool TownThe city was created in 1207 by order of King John. Throughout Liverpool has been known as the “Second City of the Empire” and used to eclipse even London in terms of commerce. Today it is one of England’s biggest cities and offers numerous accommodations including removal services to its residence. This means that if you decide to move to the city, you won’t have a hard time finding professional removal services for your moving project. If you opt to move to the city, make sure that you contact the moving company that you will hire at least a month prior of your move, because nowadays people constantly move to or from the city, which means that finding a free removal company on a short notice can be hard.
  2. The city is mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records as the Capital of Pop. Studies show that Liverpool has produced more number one hit artists than any other city in the world. It is beyond any doubt that the most renowned artists from Liverpool are The Beatles.
  3. Despite the fact that today London and Manchester football clubs are more successful than Liverpool football clubs, the city is still the most successful English city in term of football. Both Liverpool clubs (Liverpool F.C and Everton F.C) have a total of 27 domestic championships, 5 Europeans Cups, 3 UEFA Cups, 1 Cup Winners Cup, 11 FA Cups, 6 League Cups, and 24 Community Shied Cups.
  4. The city of Liverpool is home to the world famous Walker Art Gallery. The gallery is indentified as a national gallery and showcases one of the finest collections of European art.
  5. The city is home to the largest collection of Grade II edifices outside of London. At the moment Liverpool has a total of 2.500 listed building and 250 public monuments.
  6. The city is home to the largest Anglican Cathedral in the United Kingdom. The Liverpool Anglican Cathedral was designed by renowned architect Giles Gilbert Scott in 1904 and is currently the fifth largest cathedral in the world. Liverpool is also home to the Metropolitan Cathedral which was built after World War II and was designed by Frederick Gibberd.
  7. The first successful passenger-carrying railway in the world was between the cities of Liverpool and Manchester.
  8. After London, Liverpool is the second English city that most often features in both domestic and international film productions.

As you can see Liverpool is indeed a city that has a lot to offer to its inhabitants. So you should definitely give the city a change and consider it as one of your options.

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