A New Addition to Liverpool’s Eatery Scene

Recently a new café and restaurant was opened in Liverpool’s Hatton Garden. The coquette venue combines the best elements of a bar, restaurant and coffee shop all in one. The place is quite convenient as it is open round the clock and customers can treat themselves to a bite or drink any time day of day or night.

Hatton GardenSome of the menu highlights available seven days a week include bespoke cocktails, all day breakfasts, as well as sandwiches and light bites. Indeed, Liverpool has no shortage of such eateries, but this particular place provides for laidback atmosphere and good food which makes it a unique, multi-purpose social venue where guests can relax, dine and socialise.

As per owners, their main aim is to create a befitting atmosphere where customers can actually receive exceptional service, as well as excellent food and drinks which speaks for itself. Since the new establishment is in close proximity to Liverpool’s main university, as well as close to many large businesses, owners were looking to create a space suitable for busy professionals where they can also get some work done. In order to make working out of the office easy and efficient for customers, management has fitted out the new venue with a large number of strategically placed power sockets for mobile devices like laptops, smartphones etc. thus giving everyone a chance to get some work done while enjoying themselves in a relaxed, laidback atmosphere. The venue also provides access to multimedia projectors – excellent for when university students need to prep or review a project that’s dew for presentation for instance.

The flexible working hours of the new establishment mean customers can enjoy the place whenever they desire, either weekdays or weekends. The concept of one such café slash restaurant slash bar is not new, though this time owners have managed to create a practical yet pleasant environment where people can work or socialise as they wish.

The eatery is expected to be visited by professionals as well as university students alike. Finding accommodation in busy central parts of any large city and having access to such places is not always easy as demand is high. When people are moving places around Liverpool’s central districts it is best to use a specialised man and van company. Professional man and van removals are the easy way to shift your items from A to B and save money in the course. Money which can be spent on more pleasant things like having a cuppa or a meal at a lovely eatery, like the new one in Hatton Garden.

Before opening the place officially, owners stressed the importance of customer service. In result, patrons can expect outstanding customer service. Proper customer service is one of the make or break aspects of any establishment, whether that be restaurant, café or club. Owners of the new place are determined on providing customers with exceptional service and access to excellent menu options. It looks like lunchbreaks in Hatton Garden are about to get a lot more enjoyable now.

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