Things That You Should Not Pack During a Relocation

Believe it or not but the loading, unloading and transportation stages of a relocation aren’t the most time consuming and laborious tasks that are involve in a move. The most complicated task in a move is the packing. Lots of people make the common mistake of packing everything that they own without considering the fact that some things are simply meant to be left behind. If you have never packed your belongings for a relocation, keep reading because we have written down below the things that you shouldn’t pack.

  1. Lighter-fluidHousehold cleaning solutions – Household cleaners can emit hazardous fumes and even cause a fire when they are heated or shaken, both of which tend to happen when something is moved via moving van. So it is for the best if you play it safe and leave your household cleaners behind.
  2. Lighter Fluid – Just like household cleaners lighter fluid can quickly catch fire. So if you have such an item, simply leave it behind and buy a new pack once your relocation is over.
  3. Perishables – Under perishables understand foods, plants and other items that have an expiration date. Such items shouldn’t be moved because they will most likely perish along the way. So leave all your perishables behind, unless you can arrange proper transportation means which in most cases involve a moving van that is fitted with an environmental control system.
  4. Ammunition – Never under any circumstances, move ammunitions with a vehicle that isn’t fitted with a cooling system. Also never move the ammunitions in the same vehicle in which you are moving your firearms. This way you will prevent any potentially dangerous situations.
  5. Car batteries – Car batteries can leak when they are not packed problem and in most cases such leakages tend to catch fire. The fluid that is within the car batteries can also cause severe injuries and burns if it spills on the movers that are conducting your relocation.
  6. Fertilizer and weed killer – These two items just like the household cleaners and lighter fluid are highly dangerous and flammable. So once again just play it safe and don’t take them with you.
  7. Personal and moving documents – You may end up in a situation where you must present your moving and personal documents to the local authorities but if you pack them in a box and load them in the moving van you won’t be able to do so and you will most likely get fined. So keep these documents with you at all time or at least until your relocation is over.

If all this seems too complicated and time consuming for you, you can always use the professional packing services of a man with van company. Don’t worry about the price of such services because nowadays most man with van companies provide packing services at very reasonable prices.

Now that you know what you cannot pack, you can easily conduct the packing stage of your relocation on your own if you are feeling up to the task.

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