The Five largest speedways in Europe

Since the inventions of the internal combustion engine and the automobile people have been drawn to race in order to establish which vehicles is the fastest and which driver is the best. This is why today there are large racing arenas throughout the world which are used as the venue for these races. In today’s article we will turn your attention towards the largest speedways on the European continent.

Istanbul-ParkIstanbul Park – Istanbul Park is the largest speedway in Europe with a capacity of 155.000 spectators. The circuit is also one of the newest on the continent as it was inaugurated in 2005. The speedway is the venue of the Turkish Grand Prix from the Formula One Championships and has been described by Bernie Ecclestone as “the best race track in the world”. As the name suggests it, the speedway is situated in the famed Turkish city of Istanbul.

Silverstone Circuit – This speedway is located in the United Kingdom and is the second largest race circuit in Europe with a capacity of 150.000 spectators. Silverstone Circuit is situated on the same site where once stood the RAF Silverstone which was a World War II Royal Air Force bomber station. The circuit was first used for a motorsport event in 1947 and hosted the British Grand Prix from the first time in 1948. From 1955 to 1986 the British Grand Prix was relocated to another speedway. However since 1987 Silverstone has been the official location of the grand prix. Aside of Formula One races, the speedway is also used for events from MotoGP, World Endurance Championship, Formula Two and many more championships. So you should definitely attend at one of the numerous races that are held at Silverstone once your man and van project is completed. Don’t hesitate to use professional help for your move, because using man and van services will allow you to go through a stress-free, swift and smooth relocation.

Nurburgring – Nurburgring is a race circuit in Nurburg, Germany which has a similar capacity of Silverstone. The speedway hosts every two years the German Grand Prix which is part of the Formula One Championship. The speedway was opened in 1927 which makes it one of the oldest race circuits in Europe. Nurburgring has also been the venue for the European Grand Prix and the Luxembourg Grand Prix (both championships from Formula One) throughout the years.

Hockenheimring – This race circuit just like the previous one is located in Germany and hosts the German Grand Prix every two years. The latest grand prix to take place on Hockenheimring was the 2014 German Grand Prix which was won by German racer Nico Rosberg. Although the 2015 grand prix was supposed to be hosted at another location, this speedway will host it once again due to organization issues around the other venue.

Hungaroring – With a capacity of 120.000 spectators, Hungaroring is the largest race track in central Europe. The circuit is located in Hungarian town of Mogyorod at about 18 km from the capital city, Budapest. Since 1986 the speedway has been the venue of the Hungarian Grand Prix.

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