The Art of Moving Awkward Objects

Having to relocate bulky, heavy or awkward items makes the average property removal all the more complicated. There are however ways to shift such items safely and efficiently thus avoiding damage to goods and the premises, as well as costly delays.

Moving Awkward ObjectsFirst and foremost, call in the man and van guys for a job survey. By doing this you and they will identify any potential issues (like a massive wardrobe or a king size bed) which should be addressed on removal day. A job viewing means the movers are aware of what needs to be done and how it needs to be done thus they will come equipped with the necessary tools and materials. In many cases shifting awkward items means dismantling them prior to removal.

Having to remove or uninstall windows and doors might be necessary in order to get oversized items out of the premises safely. When the man and van company is aware of this, they will send out a qualified technician along with the removal team so that features are uninstalled and then put back in place properly.

It is also advisable to inform the man and van guys of any potential issues over at your new address – remember they haven’t seen the place. Let the movers know of any difficult points of entry, tight areas like narrow stairwells and doorways etc. This way the movers will choose the most appropriate way to shift awkward items inside the premises. The same goes for parking and access to driveways. In case the property has no parking of its own, the removal van will have to park outside – this must be arranged in advance in order to avoid parking fees and tickets.

Appliances can are also a real nuisance to remove. In order to have them shifted safely and quickly, they need to be disconnected properly, this applies to all water, gas and electricity operated appliances. If you don’t have the skills and expertise, use qualified technicians for the job – the man and van company might have a person who deals with such situations specifically so let them know. In all cases leads and cables need to be tied up and secured properly as they can present a tripping hazard to you and the movers.

When moving household electronics like excessively large flat panel TVs for instance, it is best to use the original box packaging if still available. If you don’t keep the original packaging, it is better to have the man and van guys do the packing as they know how to do it right. The same goes for all other delicate electronics like computers, hi-fi and home theatre systems etc.

Artwork is always a risk during relocations and if you have valuable art pieces, it is recommended to hire a man and van company which has experience in shifting such high value belongings.

Moving awkward furniture is best done in pieces so have the man and van people disassemble whatever possible prior to shifting. They will also be able to put everything back together after delivery.

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