Structure Relocation

The process of structure relocation is a tat more complex than your average man and van house removal. Moving entire properties is tricky business that requires a lot of knowledge, skill and expertise, not to mention you need a really big semi.
Relocating buildingGenerally, there are two widely used methods to relocate entire structures from one place to another.
The first option is to disassemble the house, shed, warehouse or other type of structure, down to its fundamentals i.e. walls, flooring and ceiling surfaces, doors and windows, roofing structures etc. Many weatherboard structures can in fact be disassembled prior to removal. The structure is relocated in bits using a number of removal vehicles of the appropriate size and capacity. The structure is carefully reassembled at its next destination.
The other method used for relocating entire structures is to have them shifted as a whole. This is more complicated than disassembly and reassembly, but there are houses or other structures that simply cannot be disassembled. In this case, the structure is secured, fastened and protected from as many sides as necessary and then detached from its foundations through the use of powerful hydraulic jacks and cranes. If the distance that needs to be travelled by the structure is relatively short, the thing is placed on temporary rails or dollies using a crane, and then pushed or pulled from A to B.
If the distance that needs to be covered is substantial, then the structure is lifted and carefully placed on top of a multi axle flatbed truck. Moving a structure this way is complex and expensive though very much necessary. Such removal methods are used for when preserving valuable historic and cultural heritage, or for commercial reasons – owners are selling the land but wish to keep the house for instance. One of the biggest issues with relocating structures as a whole are the protruding parts and features of the house such as chimneys, balconies, verandas etc. and navigating them through overhead power lines, trees, hanging traffic lights, road signs etc.
These relocations are specially organised and conducted by qualified removal companies, working together with local authorities who sanction and facilitate the move. The average man and van removal company simply doesn’t have the technical capacity for one such job. More so, the equipment required for the project is expensive and specialist operated. Even when hired out the semis, hydraulic jacks and all the rest are quite pricy.

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