New to Storage – Here Are the Basics

Usually, if not always man and van removal companies also offer customers specialised storage options either as standalone or in combination with their default removal service. Storage as part of the removal is nothing uncommon.Storage facility For example, many people move out of rental properties as there are vacancy deadlines to meet, so they need to keep their belongings safe and secured for the time being. Another example – people move to a new home, but construction or renovation is preventing them from using the place at full capacity i.e. bedrooms are not ready yet.
These are just two of the many examples where people moving places might also need specialised storage. If the whole moving and storing thing is new to you, then perhaps some basic information that should help you organise your storage service properly.

  • First up, ask if your man and van removal company operates their own storage facility or they are work together with a specialised storage service provider – it does make a difference in price and responsibility in case of insurance events so do your homework, it pays off.
  • Ask the movers if they can do the packing, securing, labelling and transportation of items destined for storage, generally a good man and van removal company will handle all of the above for you as part of the service.

In case you prefer to do your own packing and preparations, here are some important considerations:

  • Ensure your item boxes are flat and able to stack neatly on top of each other – uneven or wrongly packed boxes will be wobbly and unstable – this way you risk damage to your belongings.
  • All of your item boxes need to be sealed properly – interlocking the box flaps will not suffice.
  • Inform yourself on what can and cannot be packed and stored, things like corrosives, combustibles, flammables, volatiles, toxic substances, hazardous materials and bio waste will not be subject to removal or storage.
  • Take the time and effort to label and list the contents of each box as thoroughly as possible, also note if box contains any fragile items or breakables.

There are also other important things to consider when organising your specialised storage service. For instance, clarify whether or not you have access to your items at any one time, or there are designated hours during which owners can get to their stuff. Also, choose the most suitable storage container – the movers will help you with this bit. Sometimes, you have the option to share a storage container with another customer – this is a good way to offset the cost of hiring an entire storage unit when you don’t actually need one. Inform yourself on how long items can stay in storage – some companies provide only short term storage options. It is important to clarify if the storage people and/or the movers need prior notice to releasing your items from storage and organising their transit to a destination of your choice. Usually, you need to notify them at least a week in advance, though this might depend on the volume of items you have to release from storage.

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