European Landmarks Everyone Must See

Europe is home to arguably the most famous and visited landmarks on the planet. Some of these landmarks tend to attract more visitors than entire countries. This is why we have decided to write down an article about the most visited landmarks on the European continent.

Grand-Bazaar-IstanbulThe Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is currently the most visited landmark in Europe and the world. The bazaar is one of the oldest covered street markets in the world. It has over 3.000 shops and is visited by approximately 15 million people on an annual basis. The Grand Bazaar may not be Turkey’s or Istanbul’s most renowned landmarks but it is certain the most visited.

France is the most visited country in the world as over 80 million tourists visit it on a yearly basis. So it is perfectly logical that the next two most visited landmarks on the continent are situated in France. The most visited French site is the Notre Dame Cathedral which is located in Paris. The cathedral is considered as a Gothic masterpiece and is world famous for its soaring buttresses, majestic rose windows and crouching gargoyles. The Notre Dame Cathedral is visited by 13.6 million travelers every year.

The Sacre Coeur Basilica is France’s second and Europe’s third most visited landmark. Just like the aforementioned cathedral the basilica is located in the French capital. The edifice is situated on the summit of Montmartre and offers to its visitors a 360 degree view of Paris in the city’s highest vantage point. According to the latest numbers the basilica attracts more than ten million (10.5 million) visitors on an annual basis, which is the same amount of visitors that Disneyland Park, Marne-la-Vallee attracts. So as you have already guessed the fourth most visited landmark in Europe is also located in France. The fifth most visited tourist attraction on the continent also lies in Paris and is the famous Louvre Museum which tends to welcome around ten million visitors.

The sixth and seventh most visited European sites are situated in Italy. St. Peter’s Basilica is one of the world’s largest sacred buildings and the holiest of Catholic sites. It is also the official residence of the Pope. The basilica has precisely seven million visitors on a yearly basis. The Colosseum is located in Roma and is one of the oldest structures in the world. In ancient times the venue was used to provide entertainment to the Roman population while today it is the country’s second most visited monument with 6.9 million visitors.

The most visited British landmark is the British Museum which ranks at 13th place with 5.8 visitors on an annual basis. It is the second most visited museum in the world after the Louvre in France. So make sure that you visit it once your man and van project to, from or across London is done. You can ease the relocation that you are facing by using professional moving services. Don’t worry about the price of such services because nowadays most moving companies provide their man and van services at cost effective prices.

The landmarks that rank from 8th to 12th place are the Eiffel Tower (6.7 million), the Cologne Cathedral (6 million), the Sanctuary of Our Lady Lourdes (6 million), the Shrine of Padre Pio (6 million) and the Palace of Versailles (5.9 million).

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